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Thalia Dominguez-Bucio

tel: +44 23 8059 2697

Postgraduate student (from 2013)

Member of groups

There are 11 publications in ORC database for 'Dominguez'

  • 7727 —  K.Debnath, T.Dominguez Bucio, M.Galli, D.Bajoni, A.Al-Attili, A.Khokhar, S.Oo, S.Saito, F.Gardes2D Photonic Crystal Structures in Silicon Rich Nitride Platform
    CLEO 2017 2 Mar 2017  
  • 7681 —  C.Lacava, S.Stanković, A.Khokhar, T.Dominguez Bucio, F.Gardes, G.T.Reed, D.J.Richardson, P.PetropoulosSi-rich silicon nitride for nonlinear signal processing applications
    Scientific Reports 2017 Vol.7(22) pp.1-13
  • 7626 —  T.Dominguez Bucio, A.Z.Khokhar, C.Lacava, S.Stanković, G.Mashanovich, P.Petropoulos, F.GardesMaterial and optical properties of low-temperature NH3-free PECVD SiNx layers for photonic applications
    Journal of Physics D Applied Physics 2016 pp.1-21 In print
  • 7537 —  T.Dominguez Bucio, A.Tarazona, A.Z.Khokhar, G.Z.Mashanovich, F.Y.GardesHot-wire chemical vapour deposition for silicon nitride waveguides
    ECS Transactions 2016 Vol.72(4) pp.269-272 [in special issue: 229th ECS Meeting]
  • 7536 —  T.Dominguez Bucio, A.Tarazona, A.Khokhar, G.Mashanovich, F.GardesLow temperature silicon nitride waveguides for multilayer platforms
    SPIE Photonics Europe Brussels 3-7 Apr 2016 98911T-9  
  • 7535 —  T.Dominguez Bucio, A.Al-Attili, K.Debnath, S.Saito, G.Mashanovich, A.Sánchez-Postigo, G.Wangüemert-Pérez, A.Ortega-Moñux, R.Halir, P.Cheben, F.GardesSilicon nitride for integrated photonic applications
    7th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics (META 2016) 25-28 Jul 2016
  • 7407 —  C.Littlejohns, T.Dominguez Bucio, M.Nedeljković, G.Mashanovich, G.T.Reed, F.GardesLocalised tuneable composition single crystal silicon-germanium-on-insulator for low cost devices
    Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2016 pp.1-17
  • 7384 —  C.Littlejohns, S.R.Mohamed, H.Qiu, T.Guo Zin, Ting Hu, T.Dominguez Bucio, M.Nedeljković, G.Mashanovich, G.T.Reed, F.Gardes, H.WangNear- and mid- infrared group IV photonics
    Energy Materials and Nanotechnology Quantum Meeting Phuket, TH 8-11 Apr 2016 (Invited)
  • 7372 —  C.Lacava, S.Stanković, A.Khokhar, T.Dominguez Bucio, F.Gardes, D.J.Richardson, G.T.Reed, P.PetropoulosCMOS-compatible silicon-rich nitride waveguides for ultrafast nonlinear signal processing
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) San Jose 5-10 Jun 2016
  • 7304 —  C.Littlejohns, T.Dominguez Bucio, M.Nedeljković, H.Wang, G.Mashanovich, G.T.Reed, F.GardesTowards a fully functional integrated photonic-electronic platform via a single SiGe growth step
    Scientific Reports 2016 Vol.6(19425) pp.1-6
  • 7079 —  M.Nedeljković, J.Soler Penadés, A.Z.Khokhar, C.J.Mitchell, S.Stanković, T.Dominguez Bucio, C.G.Littlejohns, F.Y.Gardes, G.Z.MashanovichGrating coupled low loss Ge-on-Si waveguides and multimode interferometers for the mid-infrared
    OFC '15 Los Angeles, CA 22-26 Mar 2015  

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