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Robin Waters

tel: +44 23 8059 2699

Postgraduate student (from 2012)

Member of groups

There are 5 publications in ORC database for 'Waters, R.'

  • 7644 —  R.Waters, A.Ohtsu, M.Naya, P.A.Hobson, K.F.MacDonald, N.I.ZheludevTemplated assembly of metal nanoparticle films on polymer substrates
    Applied Physics Letters 2016 pp.1-9 Accepted  
  • 7150 —  R.Waters, K.F.MacDonald, N.I.Zheludev, P.HobsonOptically switchable photonic metasurfaces
    Applied Physics Letters 2015 Vol.107 pp.081102
  • 7009 —  R.F.Waters, K.F.MacDonald, P.A.Hobson, N.I.ZheludevAll-optical switching of photonic metamaterials enabled by surface-mediated phase transitions in gallium
    9th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics - Metamaterials '15 University of Oxford 7-12 Sep 2015
  • 6791 —  R.F.Waters, K.F.MacDonald, P.A.Hobson, N.I.ZheludevOptically switchable gallium metasurfaces
    CLEO/Europe - EQEC Munich 21-25 Jun 2015
  • 6257 —  R.F.Waters, K.F.MacDonald, P.A.Hobson, N.I.ZheludevAdaptive photonic meta-surfaces exploiting interfacial phase change in elemental gallium
    CLEO '14 San Jose, CA 8-13 Jun 2014

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