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Naresh Thipparapu

tel: +44 23 8059 3836

Postgraduate student (from 2013)

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About Naresh Thipparapu

Naresh Kumar Thipparapu received Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Applied Optics from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India and MSc in Physics from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. His Ph.D. project involves development of Bismuth (Bi)-doped optical fibre lasers and amplifiers. He is also involved in development of wideband Erbium (Er) and Er/Yb-doped fibre amplifiers in a novel multi-element fibre (MEF) technology. His research interest includes fibre lasers and amplifiers, non-linear fibre optics, spectroscopy of rare earth (RE)-doped fibres and fibre fabrication.

There are 16 publications in ORC database for 'Thipparapu'

  • 7806 —  N.K.Thipparapu, G.Chunyun, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, A.Taranta, R.Standish, J.SahuBi-doped fibre lasers and wideband amplifiers in the 1150-1500nm band
    Beyond state of the art optical communications London 2 Jun 2017
  • 7657 —  J.K.Sahu, N.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, M.Nunez VelazquezAmplifier and laser demonstrations in bi-doped silica optical fibers
    International Conference on Fibre Optics and Photonics Kanpur, India 2016 (Invited)
  • 7550 —  N.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, M.Nunez Velazquez, J.SahuBi-doped fiber amplifiers: optical properties, challenges and applications
    XXIst International Summer School Krutyn, Poland 4-10 Sep 2016
  • 7549 —  N.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, M.Nunez Velazquez, J.SahuA review on our latest amplifier and laser demonstrations by Bi-doped fibers
    International Training School on Fiber Lasers & Optical Fiber Technology Poster Prague 30 Aug - 1 Sep 2016
  • 7449 —  J.K.Sahu, N.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, P.BaruaProgress towards efficient Bi fiber lasers and amplifiers
    The 24th international congress on glass Shangai 7-11 Apr 2016 (Invited)
  • 7448 —  J.K.Sahu, N.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, P.BaruaRecent advances in Bi-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers
    11th International Symposium on SiO2, Advanced dielectrics and Related Devices Nice 13-15 Jun 2016 (Invited)
  • 7374 —  N.K.Thipparapu, A.A.Umnikov, P.Barua, J.K.SahuBi-doped fiber amplifier with a flat gain of 25dB operating in the wavelength band 1320-1360nm
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41(7) pp.1518-1521
  • 7218 —  N.K.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, S.Jain, B.Pranabesh, J.K.SahuDiode pumped Bi-doped fiber laser operating at 1360nm
    4th Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications (WSOF-2015) Hong Kong 4-6 Nov 2015
  • 7217 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, J.K.SahuProgress towards development of efficient Bi-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers
    Siegman International School on Lasers Amberg, Germany 2-7 Aug 2015 (Poster)
  • 7108 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, A.A.Umnikov, P.Barua, J.K.Sahu1120nm diode-pumped Bi-doped fiber amplifier
    Optics Letters 2015 Vol.40(10) pp.2441-2444
  • 7107 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, A.A.Umnikov, P.Barua, J.K.Sahu1180nm Bi-doped aluminosilicate fiber amplifier
    CLEO/Europe 2015 - European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Munich 21-25 Jun 2015 accepted
  • 6888 —  S.Jain, N.K.Thipparapu, P.Barua, J.K.SahuCladding-pumped Er/Yb-doped multi-element fiber amplifier for wideband applications
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2015 Vol.27(4) pp.356-358
  • 6886 —  S.Jain, N.K.Thipparapu, P.Barua, J.K.SahuMulti-element fiber for next generation optical communication
    IEEE 5th International Conference on Photonics (ICP) Kuala Lumpur 2-4 Sep 2014 D2-PM1-R1 (Invited)
  • 6645 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.SahuWideband multi-element Er-doped fiber amplifier
    Laser Physics Letters 2014 Vol.11(9) pp.095104
  • 6644 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.SahuConfigurable Er-doped core-pumped multi-element fiber amplifier
    OECC/ACOFT '14 Melbourne 6-10 Jul 2014
  • 6332 —  J.K.Sahu, S.Jain, D.Jain, N.K.Thipparapu, T.C.May-SmithNovel geometry fibres for use in optical communications and high power lasers
    Sixth International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications (ICOOPMA '14) Leeds 27-31 Jul 2014 (Invited)

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