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Mohd Narizee Mohd Nasir

tel: +44 23 8059 9253

Postgraduate student (from 2011)

Member of groups

There are 10 publications in ORC database for 'Mohd Nasir'

  • 7640 —  M.N.Mohd Nasir, G.S.Murugan, M.N.ZervasBroadly tunable solid microbottle resonator
    29th Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society Waikoloa Village, US 2-6 Oct 2016
  • 7639 —  M.N.Mohd Nasir, G.S.Murugan, M.N.ZervasSpectral cleaning and output modal transformations in whispering-gallery-mode microresonator
    Journal of Optical Society of America B 2016 Vol.33(9) pp.1963-1970
  • 7001 —  M.N.Mohd Nasir, S.Bakhtiari Gorajoobi, G.S.Murugan, M.N.ZervasPolarisation effects in optical microresonators
    IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC) Reston, Virginia 4-8 Oct 2015
  • 6643 —  M.N.Mohd Nasir, M.Ding, G.S.Murugan, M.N.ZervasMicrogrooved Bottle Microresonators
    Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO) San Jose, California 8-13 Jun 2014  
  • 6642 —  M.N.Zervas, M.N.Mohd Nasir, M.Ding, G.S.MuruganHybrid Plasmonic bottle microresonators
    16th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks Graz, Austria 6-10 Jul 2014 (Invited) 
  • 6641 —  M.N.Mohd Nasir, M.Ding, G.S.Murugan, M.N.ZervasMicrogrooved Plasmonic Bottle Microresonator
    Sixth International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications (ICOOPMA '14) Leeds, UK 27 Jul - 1 Aug 2014  
  • 6112 —  M.N.Mohd Nasir, M.Ding, G.S.Murugan, M.N.ZervasHigh-Q plasmonic bottle microresonators
    Photonics West 2014 San Francisco 1-6 Feb 2014
  • 6111 —  G.S.Murugan, S.Bakhtiari Gorajoobi, C.A.Codemard, M.N.Mohd Nasir, G.Y.Chen, A.Langner, M.N.ZervasOptical microstub resonator lasers
    Photonics West 2014 San Francisco 1-6 Feb 2014 In Proc. SPIE 8960, 896018
  • 5811 —  M.N.Mohd Nasir, M.Ding, G.S.Murugan, M.N.ZervasMicrotaper fiber excitation effects in bottle microresonators
    SPIE Photonics West 2013 San Francisco 2-7 Feb 2013 Proc. V8599: Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XV
  • 5734 —  G.S.Murugan, M.N.Mohd Nasir, M.Ding, M.N.Petrovich, J.S.Wilkinson, M.N.ZervasResonance spectroscopy of novel bottle microresonators and their applications in sensing
    Indo-US International Workshop on Spectroscopy: Application to National Security Varanasi, India 18-20 Jan 2013 (Invited)

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