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Muhammad Imran Mustafa Abdul Khudus

tel: +44 23 8059 2956

Postgraduate student (from 2012)

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There are 19 publications in ORC database for 'Abdul Khudus'

  • 7697 —  Yun Wang, J.He, P.Barua, N.Chiodini, S.Steigenberger, M.Abdul Khudus, J.Sahu, M.Beresna, G.BrambillaUltraviolet photoluminescence in Gd-doped silica and phosphosilicate fibers
    APL Photonics 2017 pp.1-8  
  • 7611 —  M.Beresna, S.Pidishety, M.Abdul Khudus, R.Ismaeel, Y.Wang, P.Gregg, S.Ramachandran, B.Srinivasan, G.BrambillaOAM Generation in optical fibre and free space devices
    15th International Conference on Optical Communications and Networks (ICOCN 2016) Hangzhou 24 - 27 2016 (Invited)
  • 7542 —  M.Abdul Khudus, T.Lee, F.De Lucia, C.Corbari, P.J.Sazio, P.Horak, G.BrambillaAll-fiber fourth and fifth harmonic generation from a single source
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(19) pp.21777-21793
  • 7516 —  Y.Wang, Jing He, M.Abdul Khudus, R.Ismaeel, F.De Lucia, P.J.Sazio, P.Horak, N.Chiodini, M.Beresna, G.BrambillaUV light generation in optical fibres
    Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) Wuhan 2-5 Nov 2016
  • 7512 —  Yun Wang, M.Abdul Khudus, F.De Lucia, Q.Sun, Jing He, P.J.Sazio, R.Ismaeel, M.Beresna, P.Horak, G.BrambillaUV generation in silica fibres
    Frontiers in Optics (OSA) Rochester, US 17-21 Oct 2016  
  • 7511 —  M.Abdul Khudus, Y.Wang, F.De Lucia, Jing He, M.Beresna, P.J.Sazio, P.Horak, N.Chiodini, G.BrambillaUV generation in silica optical fibres: from rare earth doping to nonlinear optics in nanofibers
    Energy, Materials, Nanotechnology: EMN workshop on Optoelectronics Phuket 12-15 Apr 2016 (Invited)
  • 7469 —  M.Abdul Khudus, F.De Lucia, C.Corbari, T.Lee, P.Horak, P.J.Sazio, G.BrambillaFour-wave mixing UV generation in optical microfibers
    Photonics Europe 2016 Brussels 4-7 Apr 2016
  • 7451 —  S.Pidishety, M.Abdul Khudus, P.Gregg, S.Ramachandran, B.Srinivasan, G.BrambillaOAM beam generation using all-fiber fused couplers
    CLEO: Science and Innovations 2016 San Jose 5-10 Jun 2016 OSA
  • 7299 —  M.Abdul Khudus, F.De Lucia, C.Corbari, T.Lee, P.Horak, P.Sazio, G.BrambillaPhase matched parametric amplification via four-wave mixing in optical microfibers
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.1-5
  • 7294 —  M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, T.Lee, M.Ding, Pengfei Wang, R.Ismaeel, T.Huang, X.Shao, Z.Wu, T.Wu, Y.Sun, J.Zhang, H.Q.Lam, P.P.Shum, G.BrambillaParametric up- and down-conversion in sub-wavelength waveguides: coherent sources in the UV and IR
    Extreme Events in Complex Optical Systems Buenos Aires 2 Dec 2015
  • 7188 —  M.Abdul Khudus, F.De Lucia, C.Corbari, T.Lee, P.Sazio, P.Horak, G.BrambillaFour-wave-mixing enhancement in optical microfibers Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition
    Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition Anaheim, CA 20-24 Mar 2015 Submitted
  • 7180 —  M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, P.Horak, T.Lee, M.A.Gouveia, Pengfei Wang, Yun Wang, R.Ismaeel, T.Huang, Z.Wu, Y.Sun, X.Shao, P.Shum, G.BrambillaNonlinear optics in wavelength-size waveguides: how far can the conversion efficiency be pushed?
    International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies Singapore 28 Jun - 3 Jul 2015 (Invited)
  • 7059 —  M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, T.Lee, T.Huang, X.Shao, S.P.Perry, G.BrambillaHarmonic generation via χ3 intermodal phase matching in microfibers
    Fiber and Integrated Optics 2015 Vol.34(1-2) pp.53-65
  • 6970 —  M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, T.Lee, P.Horak, G.BrambillaEffect of intrinsic surface roughness on the efficiency of intermodal phase matching in silica optical nanofibers
    Optics Letters 2015 Vol.40(7) pp.1318-1321
  • 6821 —  A.Karabchevsky, G.Buscemi, M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, P.G.Lagoudakis, M.N.Zervas, J.S.WilkinsonBroadband near-infrared spectroscopy of organic molecules on compact photonic devices
    5th International Topical Meeting on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials (NANOMETA '15) Seefield, Austria 5-8 Jan 2015
  • 6732 —  R.Ismaeel, M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, M.A.Gouveia, T.Lee, M.Ding, P.Wang, G.BrambillaGlass nanowires for nonlinear optics and sensing: a top-down approach
    8th Energy, Materials, and Nanotechnology (EMN) Fall Meeting Orlando 22-25 Nov 2014 (Invited)
  • 6048 —  M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, T.Lee, G.BrambillaLight generation in solid silica optical fibres: beyond their perceived limits
    WSOF 2013 Sigtuna Sweden 28-30 Aug 2013 F2.17
  • 6047 —  M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, T.Lee, Q.H.Lam, X.M.Shao, P.P.Shum, G.BrambillaUV and IR light generation in silica-based optical fibre tapers
    International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2013) Singapore 30 Jun-5 Jul 2013 U2-1ICMAT13-A-1552 (Invited)
  • 6008 —  T.Lee, M.I.M.Abdul Khudus, R.Ismaeel, C.Codemard, N.G.R.Broderick, G.Brambillaχ3 processes in high numerical optical fibers and fiber tapers
    ECOC 2013 London 22-26 Sep 2013 We.2.A.1 (Invited)

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