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Harish Achar Vasant

tel: +44 23 8059 5768

Postgraduate student (from 2012)

Member of groups

There are 4 publications in ORC database for 'Achar'

  • 7470 —  K.Sharma, D.Venkitesh, S.Bhattacharya, B.Srinivasan, G.BrambillaNon-linear behavior of ring-down time in cavity ring-down spectroscopy with tapered fibers
    CLEO 2016 San Jose 5-10 Jun 2016 JW2A.12 (Poster)
  • 7424 —  Y.Feng, H.Achar Vasant, Y.Feng, N.Zhao, J.NilssonSimulation on thermal load gradient mitigation with auxiliary multi-seeds amplification in fiber amplifier
    7th EPS-QEOD Europhoton Conference: Solid State, Fibre, and Waveguide Coherent Light Sources Vienna 21 - 26 Aug 2016 Poster
  • 7283 —  T.Yao, H.Achar Vasant, J.K.Sahu, J.NilssonHigh-Power Continuous-Wave Directly-Diode-Pumped Fiber Raman Lasers
    Applied Sciences 2015 Vol.5(4) pp.1323-1336
  • 6697 —  H.V.Achar, J.NilssonArbitrary phase modulation for optical spectral control and suppression of stimulated Brillouin scattering
    Advanced Solid State Lasers Shanghai 16-21 Nov 2014 AM5A.47 (Poster)

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