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Fariza Hanim Suhailin

tel: +44 23 8059 5768

Postgraduate student (from 2011)

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There are 13 publications in ORC database for 'Suhailin'

  • 7504 —  A.C.Peacock, N.Healy, F.Suhailin, S.Mailis, J.Ballato, U.GibsonCrystalline core silicon fibers for optoelectronic applications
    Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics 2016 Vancouver 18-20 Jul 2016 (Invited)
  • 7437 —  F.Suhailin, L.Shen, N.Healy, L.Xiao, M.Jones, T.Hawkins, J.Ballato, U.J.Gibson, A.C.PeacockLow loss tapered polysilicon core fibers
    CLEO 2016 San Jose 5-10 Jun 2016  
  • 7324 —  F.Suhailin, L.Shen, N.Healy, L.Xiao, M.Jones, T.Hawkins, J.Ballato, U.Gibson, A.C.PeacockTapered polysilicon core fibers for nonlinear photonics
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41 pp.1360-1363
  • 7248 —  A.C.Peacock, L.Shen, F.Suhailin, N.Vukovic, N.HealySemiconductor optical fibers for nonlinear applications
    SPIE Photonics West San Francisco 13-18 Feb 2016 (Invited)
  • 7044 —  F.H.Suhailin, N.Healy, Y.Franz, M.Sumetsky, J.Ballato, A.N.Dibbs, U.J.Gibson, A.C.PeacockKerr nonlinear switching in a hybrid silica-silicon microspherical resonator
    Optics Express 2015 Vol.23(13) pp.17263-17268
  • 6858 —  F.H.Suhailin, N.Healy, M.Sumetsky, J.Ballato, A.N.Dibbs, U.Gibson, A.C.PeacockKerr nonlinear switching in a core-shell microspherical resonator fabricated from the silicon fiber platform
    CLEO '15 San Jose, CA 10-15 May 2015
  • 6857 —  F.H.Suhailin, N.Healy, J.V.Badding, U.Gibson, A.C.PeacockFiber-based semiconductor resonators for nonlinear photonics
    SET for Britain 2015 House of Commons, Westminster 9 Mar 2015 Poster
  • 6534 —  A.C.Peacock, P.Mehta, L.Shen, F.H.Suhailin, N.Vukovic, N.HealySilicon Fiber Devices for Nonlinear Applications
    OECC/ACOFT '14 Melbourne 6-10 Jul 2014 WE7B (Invited)
  • 6533 —  F.H.Suhailin, N.Healy, M.Sumetsky, L.Xiao, J.Ballato, A.N.Dibbs, U.Gibson, A.C.PeacockTunable coaxial resonators based on silicon optical fibers
    OSA Advanced Photonics Congress Barcelona 27 - 31 Jul 2014
  • 6468 —  A.C.Peacock, N.Vukovic, F.H.Suhailin, P.Mehta, N.HealyNonlinear optics in silicon fibre micro structures
    Photonics North Montréal, Canada 28-30 May 2014 (Invited)
  • 6352 —  N.Vukovic, N.Healy, F.H.Suhailin, P.Mehta, T.D.Day, J.V.Badding, A.C.PeacockHydrogenated amorphous silicon microcylindrical resonators for ultrafast modulation
    CLEO '14 San Jose, CA 8-13 Jun 2014
  • 6123 —  N.Vukovic, N.Healy, F.H.Suhailin, P.Mehta, T.D.Day, J.V.Badding, A.C.PeacockUltrafast optical control using the Kerr nonlinearity in hydrogenated amorphous silicon microcylindrical resonators
    Nature: Scientific Reports 2013 Vol.3 pp.2885
  • 5977 —  F.H.Suhailin, N.Vukovic, P.Mehta, N.Healy, A.C.PeacockKerr nonlinear switching in silicon fibre-based microcylindrical resonators
    Workshop on Speciality Optical Fibers and their Applications (WSOF 2013) Sigtuna Sweden 28-30 Aug 2013 (poster presentation)

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