Short Pulsed Fibre Lasers

The Short Pulsed Fibre Laser group, is one of several groupings with a research interest in high-power fibre lasers and amplifiers at the Optoelectronics Research Centre.

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Fibre lasers for extreme nonlinear optics

Supervisor: Dr Bill Brocklesby
Co-supervisor: Dr J Price 

At the forefront of nonlinear optics is the generation of femto / atto- second pulses in the 10-30nm wavelength region. The study of single pulse driven XUV generation has led to a number of Science and Nature publications over the past decade. With this project the aim is to develop the lasers needed to support the latest work on XUV generation using multiple pulses incident on the generation region.

The core of the project is to advance the development of an existing ORC built fibre laser to compete in this fast moving area. The project would suit students interested in fundamental nonlinear optical science as well as the associated technology.

The work will be based in the laboratory for much of the time but will also involve a significant element of computer simulation work to support the optimisation of the lasers and understanding the XUV generation process. Therefore a willingness to code and to work on the underlying theory is important. With such short pulses, maintaining the timing of the pulses from different beam paths is challenging and both passive and active stabilisation methods would be researched.

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