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  • 7697 — Yun Wang, J.He, P.Barua, N.Chiodini, S.Steigenberger, M.Abdul Khudus, J.Sahu, M.Beresna, G.BrambillaUltraviolet photoluminescence in Gd-doped silica and phosphosilicate fibers
    APL Photonics 2017 pp.1-8
      Southampton ePrint: 405397
  • 7685 — V.Mittal, N.Sessions, J.S.Wilkinson, G.S.MuruganOptical quality ZnSe films and low loss waveguides on Si substrates for mid-infrared applications
    Optical Materials Express 2017 Vol.7(3) pp.712-725
      Southampton ePrint: 405452
  • 7681 — C.Lacava, S.Stanković,, A.Khokhar, T.Dominguez Bucio, F.Gardes, G.T.Reed, D.J.Richardson, P.PetropoulosSi-rich silicon nitride for nonlinear signal processing applications
    Scientific Reports 2017 Vol.7(22) pp.Jan-13
      Southampton ePrint: 405416
  • 7673 — C.Guan, T.Yuan, R.Chu, Y.Zhen, Z.Zhu, Jinhui Shi, Ping Li, L.Yuan, G.BrambillaGeneration of ultra-wideband achromatic Airy plasmons on graphene surface
    Optics Letters 2017 Vol.42(3) pp.563-566
      Southampton ePrint: 405364
  • 7669 — C.Lacava, M.Ettabib, P.PetropoulosNonlinear silicon photonic signal processing devices for future optical networks
    Applied Sciences 2017 Vol.7(1) pp.1-18 [in special issue: Silicon Photonics Components and Applications]
      Southampton ePrint: 405048
  • 7660 — Yongmin Jung, Q.Kang, S.Yoo, R.Sidharthan, Daryl Ho, S.Ramachandran, S-U.Alam, D.J.RichardsonOptical Orbital Angular Momentum Amplifier based on an Air-Hole Erbium Doped Fiber
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2017
      Southampton ePrint: 396242
  • 7652 — Junqing Fan, L.Jiang, S.Wang, R.Huang, K.Morgan, Le Zhong, K.De GrootAmorphous SiC resistive memory with embedded Cu nanoparticles
    Microelectronic Engineering 2017 Vol.174 pp.1-5 [in special issue: Micro/Nano Devices and Systems Edited by Bernhard Jakoby and Roman Beigelbeck]
      Southampton ePrint: 404055
  • 7646 — R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, Jingyu Zhang, A.Kazanskii, P.G.KazanskyUltrafast laser-induced metasurfaces for geometric phase manipulation
    Advanced Optical Materials 2017 Vol.5 pp.1600575
      Southampton ePrint: 403922
  • 7604 — F.De Lucia, D.Keefer, C.Corbari, P.J.SazioThermal poling of silica optical fibers using novel liquid electrodes
    Optics Letters 2017 Vol.42(1) pp.69-72
      Southampton ePrint: 390078
  • 7538 — M.Merklein, B.Stiller, I.V.Kabakova, U.Mutugala, K.Vu, S.J.Madden, B.J.Eggleton, R.SlavíkA widely tunable, low phase noise microwave source based on a photonic chip
    Optics Letters 2017 pp.1-5
      Southampton ePrint: 400183
  • 7696 — T.Odstrčil, T.Putterich, M.Odstrcil, A.Gude, V.Igochine, U.StrothOptimized tomography methods for plasma emissivity reconstruction at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
    Review of Scientific Instruments 2016 Vol.87(123505) pp.1-17
      Southampton ePrint: 405703
  • 7680 — J.Juvert, S.Zhang, I.Eddie, C.Mitchell, G.T.Reed, J.Wilkinson, A.Kelly, S.NealeMicromanipulation of InP lasers with optoelectronic tweezers for integration on a photonic platform
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(16) pp.18163-18175
      Southampton ePrint: 405431
  • 7679 — J.Juvert, I.Eddie, C.Mitchell, G.T.Reed, J.S.Wilkinson, A.Kelly, S.NealeA low cost technique for adding microlasers to a silicon photonic platform
    Proceedings of SPIE: Silicon Photonics XI, 9752 2016
      Southampton ePrint: 405420
  • 7668 — E.Atmatzakis, N.Papasimakis, V.Fedotov, G.VienneMagneto-optical response in bimetallic metamaterials
    Nanophotonics 2016
      Southampton ePrint: 405055
  • 7665 — L.Van Putten, E.Numkam Fokoua, S.M.Abokhamis Mousavi, W.Belardi, S.Chaudhuri, J.V.Badding, F.PolettiExploring the effect of the core boundary curvature in hollow antiresonant fibers
    Photonic Technology Letters 2016 Vol.29(2) pp.263-266
      Southampton ePrint: 404862
  • 7658 — A.I.Konyukhov, E.A.Romanova, T.M.Benson, G.S.Athanasiou, J.Lousteau, G.Scarpignato, D.Pugliese, D.MilaneseEffect of submicron deformations on the transmission of all-solid photonic bandgap fibre
    Optical and Quantum Electronics 2016 Vol.48(544) pp.1-15
      Southampton ePrint: 404603
  • 7655 — Ali Masoudi, T.NewsonHigh spatial resolution distributed optical fibre dynamic strain sensor with enhanced frequency and strain resolution
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.42(2) pp.290-293
      Southampton ePrint: 403669
  • 7654 — Søren Friis, I.Begleris, Yongmin Jung, K.Rottwick, P.Petropoulos, D.Richardson, P.Horak, F.ParmigianiInter-modal four-wave mixing study in a two-mode fiber
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(26) pp.30338-30349
      Southampton ePrint: 404440
  • 7653 — C.Alonso-Ramos, M.Nedeljković, D.Benediković, J.Soler Penadés, C.Littlejohns, A.Khokhar, D.Perez-Galacho, L.Vivien, P.Cheben, G.MashanovichGermanium-on-silicon mid-infrared grating couplers with low-reflectivity inverse taper excitation
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41(18) pp.4324-4327
      Southampton ePrint: 404442
  • 7647 — M.Eckold, J.I.Mackenzie, W.A.ClarksonApproach for power scaling solid-state lasers with intracavity motion
    Optics Letters 2016 pp.1-4
      Southampton ePrint: 404312
  • 7644 — R.Waters, A.Ohtsu, M.Naya, P.A.Hobson, K.F.MacDonald, N.I.ZheludevTemplated assembly of metal nanoparticle films on polymer substrates
    Applied Physics Letters 2016 pp.1-9 Accepted
      Southampton ePrint: 403857
  • 7643 — James S.Feehan, J.H.V.Price, T.Butcher, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.Frey, D.J.RichardsonEfficient high-harmonic generation from a stable and compact ultrafast Yb-fiber laser producing 100 micro-joule, 350 fs pulses based on bendable photonic-crystal fiber
    Applied Physics B Lasers and Optics 2016 pp.1-14
      Southampton ePrint: 403853
  • 7639 — M.N.Mohd Nasir, G.S.Murugan, M.N.ZervasSpectral cleaning and output modal transformations in whispering-gallery-mode microresonator
    Journal of Optical Society of America B 2016 Vol.33(9) pp.1963-1970
      Southampton ePrint: 403812
  • 7637 — J.R.Hayes, S.R.Sandoghchi, T.D.Bradley, Z.Liu, R.Slavík, M.A.Gouveia, N.V.Wheeler, G.Jasion, Y.Chen, E.Numkam Fokoua, M.N.Petrovich, D.J.Richardson, F.PolettiAntiresonant hollow core fiber with an octave spanning bandwidth for short haul data communications
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 pp.1-5 Submitted
      Southampton ePrint: 403707
  • 7636 — Ke Li, F.Meng, D.Thomson, P.Wilson, G.T.ReedAnalysis and implementation of an ultra-wide tuning range CMOS ring-VCO with inductor peaking
    IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters 2016 pp.1-3
      Southampton ePrint: 403706
  • 7629 — L.Xu, S.U.Alam, Q.Kang, D.P.Shepherd, D.J.RichardsonRaman-shifted wavelength-selectable pulsed fiber laser with high repetition rate and high pulse energy in the visible
    Optics Express 2016 pp.1-6 In print
      Southampton ePrint: 403257
  • 7627 — B.Gholipour, G.Adamo, D.Cortecchia, H.N.S.Krishnamoorthy, M.D.Birowosuto, N.I.Zheludev, C.SociOrganometallic perovskite metasurfaces
    Advanced Materials 2016 pp.1-19 In print
      Southampton ePrint: 403240
  • 7626 — T.Dominguez Bucio, A.Z.Khokhar, C.Lacava, S.Stanković, G.Mashanovich, P.Petropoulos, F.GardesMaterial and optical properties of low-temperature NH3-free PECVD SiNx layers for photonic applications
    Journal of Physics D Applied Physics 2016 pp.1-21 In print
      Southampton ePrint: 402364
  • 7617 — M.Feinäugle, P.Gregorčič, D.Heath, B.Mills, R.W.EasonTime-resolved imaging of flyer dynamics for femtosecond laser-induced backward transfer of solid polymer thin films
    Applied Surface Science 2016 pp.1-16
      Southampton ePrint: 403150
  • 7614 — S.Yoshima, Yujia Sun, Z.Liu, K.Bottrill, F.Parmigiani, D.J.Richardson, P.PetropoulosMitigation of nonlinear effects on WDM QAM signals enabled by optical phase conjugation with efficient bandwidth utilization
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 pp.1-8
      Southampton ePrint: 402820
  • 7613 — G.Mashanovich, C.Mitchell, J.Soler Penadés, A.Khokhar, C.Littlejohns, W.Cao, Z.Qu, S.Stanković, F.Gardes, T.Ben Masaud, H.Chong, V.Mittal, G.S.Murugan, J.S.Wilkinson, A.C.Peacock, M.NedeljkovićGermanium mid-infrared photonic devices
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 pp.1-7
      Southampton ePrint: 403096
  • 7612 — S.Perumbilavil, A.Piccardi, O.Buchnev, M.Kauranen, G.Strangi, G.AssantoSoliton-assisted random lasing in optically-pumped liquid crystals
    Applied Physics Letters 2016 Vol.109(161105) pp.1-4
      Southampton ePrint: 403063
  • 7608 — N.A.Vainos, V.Karoutsos, B.Mills, Robert W.Eason, M.PrassasIsotropic contractive scaling of laser written microstructures in vitrified aerogels
    Optical Materials Express 2016 Vol.6(12) pp.3814-3825
      Southampton ePrint: 402791
  • 7607 — Pengfei Wang, R.Madugani, H.Zhao, W.Yang, J.M.Ward, Y.Yang, G.Farrell, G.Brambilla, S.Nic ChormaicPackaged optical add-drop filter based on an optical microfiber coupler and a microsphere
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2016 Vol.28(20) pp.2277-2280
      Southampton ePrint: 402186
  • 7606 — S.Pidishety, B.Srinivasan, G.BrambillaAll-fiber fused coupler for stable generation of radially and azimuthally polarized beams
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2016 pp.1-4
      Southampton ePrint: 402231
  • 7601 — K.Bottrill, A.Kapsalis, M.Brun, A.Bogris, P.Labeye, S.Nicoletti, K.Hammani, D.Syvridis, D.J.Richardson, P.Petropoulos, M.Ettabib, F.ParmigianiAll-optical phase regeneration with record PSA extinction ratio in a low-birefringence silicon germanium waveguide
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 Vol.34(17) pp.3993-3998
      Southampton ePrint: 402076
  • 7599 — Yu Wang, S-U.Alam, E.D.Obraztsova, A.S.Pozharov, S.Y.Set, S.YamashitaGeneration of stretched pulses and dissipative solitons at 2 μm from an all-fiber mode-locked laser using carbon nanotube saturable absorbers
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41(16) pp.3864-3867
      Southampton ePrint: 404092
  • 7598 — X.Buet, C.Brun, J.Gateau, B.Bresson, S.R.Sandoghchi, E.Numkam Fokoua, M.Petrovich, F.Poletti, D.J.Richardson, D.Vandemroucq, G.TessierNondestructive measurement of the roughness of the inner surface of hollow core-photonic bandgap fibers
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41(21) pp.5086-5089
      Southampton ePrint: 401867
  • 7595 — B.Gholipour, P.Bastock, L.Cui, C.Craig, K.Khan, D.Hewak, C.SociLithography assisted fiber-drawing nanomanufacturing
    Scientific Reports 2016 Vol.6(35409) pp.1-8
      Southampton ePrint: 401817
  • 7594 — N.Podoliak, H.Takahashi, M.Keller, P.HorakComparative numerical studies of ion traps with integrated optical cavities
    Physical Review Applied 2016 Vol.6(044008) pp.1-10
      Southampton ePrint: 401738
  • 7593 — X.Jin, A.Gomez, K.Shi, B.C.Thomsen, F.Feng, G.S.D.Gordon, T.D.Wilkinson, Yongmin Jung, Q.Kang, P.Barua, J.K.Sahu, S.U.Alam, D.J.Richardson, D.C.O'Brien, F.P.PayneMode coupling effects in ring-core fibres for space-division multiplexing systems
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 Vol.34(14) pp.3365-3372
      Southampton ePrint: 401741
  • 7592 — M.Papaioannou, E.Plum, J.Valente, E.Rogers, N.I.ZheludevAll-optical multichannel logic based on coherent perfect absorption in a plasmonic metamaterial
    APL Photonics 2016 pp.1-7
      Southampton ePrint: 401705
  • 7590 — P.Cencillo Abad, J.Y.Ou, E.Plum, J.Valente, N.I.ZheludevRandom access actuation of nanowire grid metamaterial
    Nanotechnology 2016 pp.1-6
      Southampton ePrint: 401487
  • 7586 — K.A.Russ, P.Elvati, T.L.Parsonage, A.Dews, J.A.Jarvis, M.Ray, B.Schneider, P.J.S.Smith, P.T.F.Williamson, A.Violi, M.A.PhilbertC60 fullerene localization and membrane interactions in RAW 264.7 immortalized mouse macrophages
    Nanoscale 2016 Vol.8(7) pp.4134-4144
      Southampton ePrint: 387905
  • 7579 — G.Demetriou, J.P.Bérubé, R.Vallée, Y.Messaddeq, C.R.Petersen, D.Jain, O.Bang, C.Craig, D.Hewak, A.J.KarRefractive index and dispersion control of ultrafast laser inscribed waveguides in gallium lanthanum sulphide for near and mid-infrared applications
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(6) pp.6350-6358
      Southampton ePrint: 401111
  • 7576 — Ting Hu, H.Qiu, Z.Zhang, X.Guo, C.Liu, M.S.Rouifed, C.Littlejohns, G.Reed, H.WangA compact ultrabroadband polarization beam splitter utilizing a hybrid plasmonic Y-branch
    IEEE Photonics Journal 2016 Vol.8(4) pp.1-10
      Southampton ePrint: 400900
  • 7575 — Ting Hu, M.S.Rouifed, H.Qiu, X.Guo, C.Littlejohns, C.Liu, H.WangA polarization splitter and rotator based on a partially etched grating-assisted coupler
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2016 Vol.28(8) pp.911-914
      Southampton ePrint: 400899
  • 7572 — S.Chaudhuri, L.Van Putten, F.Poletti, P.J.SazioLow loss transmission in negative curvature optical fibers with elliptical capillary tubes
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 Vol.34(18) pp.4228-4231
      Southampton ePrint: 401496
  • 7565 — Pin Chieh Wu, N.Papasimakis, Din Ping TsaiSelf-affine graphene metasurfaces for tunable broadband absorption
    Physical Review Applied 2016 pp.1-20
      Southampton ePrint: 400946
  • 7561 — R.Bruck, K.Vynck, P.Lalanne, B.Mills, D.J.Thomson, G.Z.Mashanovich, G.T.Reed, O.L.MuskensAn all-optical spatial light modulator for reconfigurable silicon photonic circuits
    Optica 2016 Vol.3(4) pp.396-402
      Southampton ePrint: 392612
  • 7560 — A.Dubrovkin, G.Adamo, J.Yin, L.Wang, C.Soci, Q.J.Wang, N.I.ZheludevVisible range plasmonic modes on topological insulator nanostructures
    Advanced Optical Materials 2016 pp.1-10
      Southampton ePrint: 400746
  • 7559 — E.Ceci-Ginistrelli, D.Pugliese, N.Boetti, G.Novajra, A.Ambrosone, J.Lousteau, C.Vitale-Brovarone, S.Abrate, D.MilaneseNovel biocompatible and resorbable UV transparent phosphate glass based optical fiber
    Optical Materials Express 2016 Vol.6(6) pp.2040-2051
      Southampton ePrint: 400773
  • 7555 — G.Novajra, N.G.Boetti, J.Lousteau, S.Fiorilli, D.Milanese, C.Vitale-BrovaronePhosphate glass fibre scaffolds: tailoring of the properties and enhancement of the bioactivity through mesoporous glass particles
    Materials Science and Engineering C 2016 Vol.67 pp.570-580
      Southampton ePrint: 400775
  • 7548 — P.Cencillo Abad, N.I.Zheludev, E.PlumMetadevice for intensity modulation with sub-wavelength spatial resolution
    Scientific Reports 2016 pp.1-8
      Southampton ePrint: 402023
  • 7547 — Tao Qi, Yongmin Jung, L.Xiao, J.Wang, S.Xiao, C.Lu, H-Y.Tam, A.C.PeacockProgrammable long period grating in a liquid core optical fiber
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41(20) pp.4763-4766
      Southampton ePrint: 400658
  • 7545 — D.Coucheron, M.Fokine, N.Patil, D.Werner Breiby, O.Tore Buset, N.Healy, A.C.Peacock, T.Hawkins, M.Jones, J.Ballato, U.GibsonLaser recrystallization and inscription of compositional microstructures in crystalline SiGe-core fibres
    Nature Communications 2016 Vol.7(13265) pp.1-9
      Southampton ePrint: 401977
  • 7542 — M.Abdul Khudus, T.Lee, F.De Lucia, C.Corbari, P.J.Sazio, P.Horak, G.BrambillaAll-fiber fourth and fifth harmonic generation from a single source
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(19) pp.21777-21793
      Southampton ePrint: 400348
  • 7541 — Junjia Wang, S.Liang, Yongmin Jung, Q.Kang, S-U.Alam, D.J.RichardsonBroadband silica-based thulium doped fiber amplifier employing multi-wavelength pumping
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(20) pp.23001-23008
      Southampton ePrint: 399983
  • 7540 — J.Soler Penades, A.Ortega-Moñux, M.Nedeljković, A.Wangüemert-Perez, R.Halir, A.Khokhar, C.Alonso-Ramos, Z.Qu, I.Molina-Fernández, P.Cheben, G.MashanovichSuspended silicon mid-infrared waveguide devices with subwavelength grating metamaterial cladding
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(20) pp.22908-22916
      Southampton ePrint: 397393
  • 7537 — T.Dominguez Bucio, A.Tarazona, A.Z.Khokhar, G.Z.Mashanovich, F.Y.GardesHot-wire chemical vapour deposition for silicon nitride waveguides
    ECS Transactions 2016 Vol.72(4) pp.269-272 [in special issue: 229th ECS Meeting]
      Southampton ePrint: 400415
  • 7527 — Guanhai Li, B.Clarke, Jinkyu So, K.F.MacDonald, N.I.ZheludevHolographic free-electron light source
    Nature Communications 2016 pp.1-18 In press
      Southampton ePrint: 399870
  • 7526 — G.D.Hesketh, P.PetropoulosMinimizing inter-channel cross-phase modulation with optical phase conjugation in asymmetric fibre links
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(18) pp.20270-20280
      Southampton ePrint: 399842
  • 7525 — K.Bottrill, F.Parmigiani, D.J.Richardson, P.PetropoulosOptical predistortion enabling phase preservation in optical signal processing demonstrated in FWM-based amplitude limiter
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 pp.1-8
      Southampton ePrint: 396183
  • 7524 — N.I.ZheludevIntroducing the metamaterial roadmap
    Journal of Optics 2016 Vol.18(9) pp.1-2
      Southampton ePrint: 399380
  • 7523 — G.Yuan, S.Vezzoli, C.Altuzzara, E.Rogers, C.Couteau, C.Soci, N.I.ZheludevQuantum super-oscillation of a single photon
    Light Science & Application 2016 Vol.Spring Issue pp.1-21
      Southampton ePrint: 399379
  • 7522 — Zilong Wang, M.N.Zervas, P.Bartlett, J.S.WilkinsonSurface and waveguide collection of Raman emission in waveguide-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41(17) pp.4146-4149
      Southampton ePrint: 399406
  • 7521 — Ye Dai, A.Patel, J.Song, M.Beresna, P.G.KazanskyVoid-nanograting transition by ultrashort laser pulse irradiation in silica glass
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(17) pp.19344-19353
      Southampton ePrint: 399255
  • 7518 — M.R.K.Soltanian, A.S.Sharbirin, M.M.Ariannejad, I.S.Amiri, R.M.De La Rue, G.Brambilla, B.M.A.Rahman, K.T.V.Grattan, H.AhmadVariable waist-diameter Mach-Zehnder tapered-fiber interferometer as humidity and temperature sensor
    IEEE Sensors Journal 2016 Vol.16(15) pp.5987-5992
      Southampton ePrint: 399272
  • 7514 — A.C.Peacock, N.HealySemiconductor optical fibres for infrared applications: a review
    Semiconductor Science and Technology 2016 Vol.31(103004) pp.1-12 (Invited)
      Southampton ePrint: 399275
  • 7513 — H.Kim, P.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, M.Miszczak, L.Juschkin, W.S.Brocklesby, J.FreyLloyd's mirror interference lithography with EUV radiation from a high-harmonic source
    Applied Physics Express 2016 Vol.9(7) pp.076701
      Southampton ePrint: 399387
  • 7507 — P.J.W.He, I.N.Katis, R.W.Eason, C.L.SonesLaser direct-write for fabrication of three-dimensional paper-based devices
    Lab on a Chip 2016 Vol.16 pp.3296-3303
      Southampton ePrint: 400761
  • 7502 — M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, C.B.E.Gawith, R.Vrcelj, J.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyNonlinear ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(18) pp.20245-20252
      Southampton ePrint: 398234
  • 7501 — J.Butement, H.Hunt, D.Rowe, N.Sessions, O.Clark, P.Hua, G.S.Murugan, J.Chad, J.S.WilkinsonIntegrated optical waveguides and inertial focussing microfluidics in silica for microflow cytometry applications
    Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2016 pp.1-19
      Southampton ePrint: 398140
  • 7499 — J.K.Sahu, D.JainLarge mode area single trench fiber for 2 μm operation
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 Vol.34(14) pp.3412-3417
      Southampton ePrint: 398061
  • 7498 — X.Fang, K.F.MacDonald, E.Plum, N.I.ZheludevCoherent control of light-matter interactions in polarization standing waves
    Scientific Reports 2016 pp.1-17
      Southampton ePrint: 398034
  • 7497 — G.Zisis, C.Y.J.Ying, P.Ganguly, C.L.Sones, E.Soergel, R.W.Eason, S.MailisEnhanced electro-optic response in domain-engineered LiNbO3 channel waveguides
    Applied Physics Letters 2016 Vol.109 pp.1-4 Art. No.021101
      Southampton ePrint: 397969
  • 7490 — J.S.Feehan, F.O.Ilday, W.S.Brocklesby, J.H.V.PriceSimulations and experiments showing the origin of multi-wavelength mode locking in femtosecond, Yb-fiber lasers
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 2016
      Southampton ePrint: 397767
  • 7487 — T.Bradley, N.Wheeler, G.Jasion, D.Gray, J.Hayes, M.Botelho Alonso, S.M.Sandoghchi, Yong Chen, F.Poletti, D.J.Richardson, M.PetrovichModal content in hypocycloid Kagome hollow core photonic crystal fibers
    Optics Express 2016
      Southampton ePrint: 391450
  • 7485 — S.A.Aljunid, E.A.Chan, G.Adamo, M.Ducloy, D.Wilkowski, N.I.ZheludevAtomic response in the near-field of nanostructured plasmonic metamaterial
    Nano Letters 2016 Vol.16(5) pp.3137-3141
      Southampton ePrint: 391193
  • 7484 — M.U.Sadiq, H.Zhang, J.O'Callaghan, B.Roycroft, N.Kavanagh, K.Thomas, A.Gocalinska, Yong Chen, T.Bradley, J.R.Hayes, Z.Li, S-U.Alam, F.Poletti, M.N.Petrovich, D.J.Richardson, E.Pelucchi40Gb/s WDM transmission over 1.15km HC-PBGF using an InP-based Mach-Zehnder modulator at 2μm
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 Vol.34(8) pp.1706-1711
      Southampton ePrint: 398174
  • 7483 — N-K.Kjøller, K.M.Røge, P.Guan, H.C.H.Mulvad, M.Galili, L.K.OxenløweA novel phase-locking-free phase sensitive amplifier-based regenerator
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 Vol.34(2) pp.643-652
      Southampton ePrint: 398136
  • 7474 — S.Lynch, C.Holmes, S.Berry, J.C.Gates, A.Jantzen, T.Ferreiro, P.G.R.SmithExternal cavity diode laser based upon an FBG in an integrated optical fiber platform
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(8) pp.8391-8398
      Southampton ePrint: 397002
  • 7471 — A.Karvounis, B.Gholipour, K.F.MacDonald, N.I.ZheludevAll-dielectric phase-change reconfigurable metasurface
    Applied Physics Letters 2016 pp.1-5
      Southampton ePrint: 397696
  • 7463 — A.Piccardi, N.Kravets, A.Alberucci, O.Buchnev, G.AssantoVoltage-driven beam bistability in a reorientational uniaxial dielectric
    APL Photonics 2016 Vol.1 pp.011302
      Southampton ePrint: 397531
  • 7462 — N.Karimi, A.Alberucci, O.Buchnev, M.Virkki, M.Kauranen, G.AssantoPhase-front curvature effects on nematicon generation
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 2016 Vol.33(5) pp.903-909
      Southampton ePrint: 397533
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