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Admissions Tutor

Dr Pier Sazio

Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 3144

PhD Projects

The PhD projects available for 2017-18 entry are listed by research theme below, then by group. For detailed explanations of the projects please click on the group title links.

Light Generation and Manipulation:

Advanced Laser Laboratory

Supervisor:  Prof Michalis N.Zervas

  • High Power Fibre Laser Dynamics

Advanced Solid State Lasers

Supervisors: Prof W A Clarkson, Peter Shardlow, Jacob Mackenzie

  • Hollow beam lasers and laser processing
  • Power scaling of mid-infrared lasers

Coherent Optical Signals

Supervisors: Dr Radan Slavik, Prof D J Richardson, Francesco Poletti and M.N. Petrovich

Nonlinear Semiconductor Photonics

Supervisors:  Dr Anna Peacock, Dr Sakellaris Mailis and
Harold Chong (Nano group)

  • Semiconductor devices for nonlinear photonics and applications
  • Laser-engineered silicon photonic devices
  • Mid-infrared nonlinear photonics in group IV semiconductor waveguides

Planar Waveguide and Slab Lasers

Supervisors:  Dr J. MacKenzie, Prof Andy Clarkson, Prof Rob Eason

  • Deep UV Cryogenic lasers
  • Lasers making lasers

Ultrafast Laser X-ray

Supervisors: Prof W S Brocklesby, John Chad, Dr Katrin Deinhart, IfLS

  • Ultrafast Coherent X-ray Imaging of neurons

Ultrafast Optical Parametric Oscillators

Supervisors: Prof David Shepherd, Prof D.J. Richardson, Dr Shaif-ul Alam

  • Lasers for Mid-Infrared Molecular Fingerprint Spectroscopy


Optical Materials:

Integrated Photonic Devices

Supervisors: Professor James Wilkinson, Dr. Senthil Ganapathy

  • Next generation optical sensors for trace toxic gas detection
  • All-Optical Signal Processing on Silicon

Nonlinear & microstructured optical materials

Supervisors: Sakellaris Mailis, Pier Sazio, Dan Hewak, Anna Peacock and Harold Chong

  • Ferroelectric/TMD-monolayer tunable optoelectronics
  • Laser processed Silicon/Ferroelectric photonics

Nanophotonics and Metamaterials

Supervisors:  Prof Nikolay Zheludev, Vassili Fedotov, Zexiang Shen, Eric Plum, Nikitas Papasimakis, Kevin MacDonald, Peter J.Smith, Edward Rogers

  • Metamaterials for Toroidal Spectroscopy
  • Free-electron Nanophotonics
  • Super-Oscillatory Telescope
  • Novel nano-mechanical materials and devices for photonics
  • Nanostructured photonic metamaterials on fibre-optic platforms
  • Multiphysics modelling of the optical,thermal, and mechanical properties of plasmonic nanostructures
  • Ultrafast Dynamics in Photonic Metamaterials
  • Magneto-optic Metamaterials
  • Materials Discovery for Photonic Metamaterials
  • Nanoscope Technology for Bio-Imaging


Novel Glass & Fibre 

Supervisors:  Professor Dan Hewak, Dr Kevin Huang 

  • Novel CVD grown 2D materials for optoelectronic applications

Optical Engineering & Quantum Photonics

Supervisors:  Professor Peter Smith, Dr James Gates, Dr Christopher Holmes

  • Integrated optical elements for miniaturised atom traps
  • Integrated optical waveguides for quantum computing
  • Ultra precision physical micro-machining of planar optical materials
  • Nonlinear conversion for single photon detection
  • 3D printed integrated optics
  • Scalable heralded single photon sources
  • Optical quantum circuitry

Photonic, Electronic and Plasmonic Microstructured Optical Fibres

Supervisors:  Dr Pier Sazio, Marco Petrovich, Jacob Mackenzie (ORC), Robert Raja (FNES/Chemistry), Lindsay Armstrong (FEE)

  • Photonic fibres for solar fuels generation
  • Microstructured optical fibres as templates for functional
    material deposition
  • Microstructured optical fibres with embedded electrodes for
    novel electro-optic devices

Optoelectronics Research Centre
and Nano Group

Supervisors:  Dr Pier Sazio, Dr Sakellaris Mailis and
Harold Chong (Nano group)    

  • Multifunctional monolayers


Laser-Direct-Write Methodologies for Bio-medical Applications:

Laser-printed medical diagnostic sensors

Supervisors: Dr Collin Sones and Prof Rob Eason

  • Laser-based fabrication of medical diagnostic devices in paper


High-Precision Laser-Based Manufacturing

High-Precision Laser-Based Manufacturing

Supervisors: Ben Mills, Dan Heath, Prof Richard Oreffo

  • Beam-Shaping for High-Precision High-Speed Laser-Based Manufacturing
  • Harnessing laser technology for 3D implant design, stem cell function and bone regeneration


Biophotonic Microsystems - blacktop:

Optical Biosensors and Biophotonics

Supervisor:  Dr Tracy Melvin 

  • Intra-operative surgical decisions assisted by laser technology
  • Next generation optical technologies for sequencing
  • Structured nanoporous gold for DNA sequence analysis


Optical Fibres:

Advanced Fibre Technologies and Applications 

Supervisors:  Prof David Richardson, Dr Francesca Parmigiani, Dr Shaiful Alam, Prof Periklis Petropoulos, Dr Radan Slavik, Dr Natalie Wheeler, Dr Marco Petrovich, Dr Francesco Poletti  and Prof Graham Reed

  • Multi-mode integrated nonlinear photonics
  • Fabrication and Applications of Hollow Core Fibres
  • Online Monitoring and Optical Characterisation of Holey/ Microstructured Optical Fibres During Fabrication
  • The fabrication and applications of holey/ microstructured fibres
  • Gas-based sensing and spectroscopy applications of Hollow core Photonic bandgap fibres
  • High-capacity Silicon-based transceivers
  • Novel transmission and processing schemes for ultra-high speed telecommunication signals
  • Inter-band nonlinear applications of silicon photonic waveguides
  • Spatio-Temporal Beam Tailored Fibre Lasers For Energy Resilient Manufacturing
  • Novel Fibre Technologies for Data Centre Applications
  • Novel Fibre Technologies for Ultra-high Capacity (Petabit/s) Optical Networks

Computational Nonlinear Optics 

Supervisors:  Dr Peter Horak Prof Anna Peacock, Dr Bill Brocklesby

  • Nonlinear photonics in semiconductor fibres and waveguides
  • Design and simulation of single-photon quantum devices
  • Extreme nonlinear optic in hollow fibres

Compound Glass and Fibres 

Supervisors:  Dr Francesco Poletti, Dr Walter Belardi, Dr Joris Lousteau

  • Novel multifunctional air-core fibres
  • Novel polymer fibres for high data transmission capacity
  • Glasses and fibres for high power lasers and amplifiers
  • Mid-infrared delivery fibres

Microstructured Optical Fibres

Supervisors:  Dr Francesco Poletti, Prof David Richardson, Dr John Hayes, Dr Joris Lousteau, Dr Natalie Wheeler, Dr Walter Belardi, Dr Eric Numkam, Dr Greg Jasion

  • Optical Fiber 2.0
  • Fabrication and Applications of Hollow Core Fibres
  • Loss mechanisms in hollow optical fibers
  • Optical fibres for the transmission of extreme intensities

Optical Microfibre Devices and Sensors 

Supervisor:  Dr Gilberto Brambilla 

  • Fabrication of passive and active UV transparent fibres

Silica Fibre Fabrication 

Supervisor:  Prof Jayanta Sahu

  • Development of high performance rare earth doped fibres using novel techniques for high power laser applications.


Fundamental Photonics:

Physical Optics

Supervisor:  Prof Peter Kazansky 

  • Laser modification of materials at micro- and nanoscale for photonics and information technology
  • Printed optics by ultrafast laser nanostructuring of transparent materials


Optical Networks and Systems:

Distributed Optical Fibre Sensors

Supervisors:  Dr T Newson, Dr A Masoudi, Gilberto Brambilla

  • High-speed distributed fibre optic acoustic sensing

Optical Fibre Communications

Supervisors:  Prof Periklis Petropoulos, Dr F Parmigiani, Prof David Richardson

  • Intra- and inter-band nonlinear applications of silicon photonic waveguides
  • Novel transmission and processing schemes for ultra-high speed telecommunication signals

Photonic systems, circuits and sensors 

Supervisors:  Dr Frederic Gardes, Prof Anna PeacockProf Shin Saito, Dr Harold Chong

  • Silicon Photonics based optical modulators
  • Silicon and germanium chemical photonics sensors
  • Wideband mid-infrared photonic circuits
  • High speed mid-infrared photodetectors
  • Optical Device Trimming

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