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Xia (Ken) Chen

tel: +44 23 8059 2697

Senior Research Fellow

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About Dr Chen

Xia received his BEng and PhD degrees in Electronic Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), in 2006 and 2010, respectively. After graduation, he worked on the UK Silicon Photonic Project in University of Surrey and University of Southampton. In December 2013, he joined Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd as a Senior Engineer to work on photonic packaging for silicon photonic devices. He rejoined the silicon photonics group in University of Southampton in 2015. He was awarded the TSMC Outstanding Student Research Award in 2010, and the Newton International Fellowship by the Royal Society in 2011. He has authored and coauthored over 60 papers in technical journals and international conferences and 4 patents.

There are 3 publications in ORC database for 'Chen, Xia'

  • 7826 —  Xia Chen, D.Thomson, L.Crudgington, A.Khokhar, G.T.ReedDual-etch apodised grating couplers for efficient fibre-chip coupling near 1310 nm wavelength
    Optics Express 2017
       [ePrint: 411765]
  • 7834 —  S.Xie, X.Zhou, S.Zhang, D.Thomson, Xia Chen, G.T.Reed, Jo Ng, C.TanInGaAs/AlGaAsSb avalanche photodiode with high gain-bandwidth product
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(21) pp.24242-24247    [ePrint: 411878]
  • 7517 —  Xia Chen, D.J.Thomson, L.Crudgington, A.Z.Khokhar, L.Gao, X.Song, Y.Li, G.T.ReedImproving the efficiency of fibre-chip grating couplers near 1310 nm
    IEEE 13th International Conference on Group IV Photonics Shanghai 24-26 Aug 2016
       [ePrint: 399342]

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