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Dr Bill Brocklesby

tel: +44 23 8059 2042

Reader, Associate professor

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About Dr Bill Brocklesby

Dr. Bill Brocklesby is a Reader at the Optoelectronics Research Centre at Southampton, and an associate member of the School of Physics and Astronomy. His research interests, originating from his doctoral work in Oxford and postdoctoral work at AT&T Bell Laboratories, span spectroscopy and microscopy of a wide range of materials and devices. For the last 10 years he has worked in the area of nanoscale imaging, with particular emphasis on the study of optical waveguide devices, demonstrating subwavelength optical imaging within devices such as fibre Bragg gratings and microstructured fibres, and nonlinear waveguides. He has been a member of the steering committee of the EPSRC-funded Nano-optics Network, and is a regular contributor to near field optics conferences, such as NFO. He has extensive experience with other microscope and scanning probe techniques such as micro-Raman spectroscopy, AFM, and STM, and ultrafast laser technology. He has over 50 journal papers in these research areas.

There are 175 publications in ORC database for 'Brocklesby, W.S.'

  • 7722 —  P.Horak, A.W.Degen-Knifton, W.S.BrocklesbyA statistical model of capillary-based high-harmonic generation
    48th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Sacramento 5-9 Jun 2017    [ePrint: 407209]
  • 7718 —  P.Baksh, M.Odstrcil, Hyunsu Kim, S.Boden, R.Card, J.Chad, W.S.Brocklesby, J.FreyHigh resolution, wide field of view, ptychographic imaging of a biological sample using a high harmonic generation source
    CLEO San Jose 5-10 Jun 2016  
  • 7717 —  Hyunsu Kim, Wei Li, M.Marconi, W.S.Brocklesby, L.JuschkinRestorative self-image of rough-line grids: application to coherent EUV Talbot lithography
    IEEE Photonics Journal 2016 Vol.8(3)  
  • 7714 —  H.Kim, S.Danylyuk, W.S.Brocklesby, L.JuschkinSingle exposure imaging of talbot carpets and resolution characterization of detectors for micro- and nano- patterns
    Journal of the Optical Society of Korea 2016 Vol.20(2) pp.245-250
       [ePrint: 406669]
  • 7670 —  F.Carpignano, G.Silva, A.Noual, K.Pechstedt, J.Grant-Jacob, W.S.Brocklesby, P.Horak, S.Boden, T.MelvinNanopores within 3D-structured gold film for sensing applications
    18th Italian National Conference on Photonic Technologies (Fotonica 2016) 6-8 Jun 2016 In IET Digital Library, 73
       [ePrint: 405214]
  • 7643 —  James S.Feehan, J.H.V.Price, T.Butcher, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.Frey, D.J.RichardsonEfficient high-harmonic generation from a stable and compact ultrafast Yb-fiber laser producing 100 micro-joule, 350 fs pulses based on bendable photonic-crystal fiber
    Applied Physics B Lasers and Optics 2016 pp.1-14
       [ePrint: 403853]
  • 7513 —  H.Kim, P.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, M.Miszczak, L.Juschkin, W.S.Brocklesby, J.FreyLloyd's mirror interference lithography with EUV radiation from a high-harmonic source
    Applied Physics Express 2016 Vol.9(7) pp.076701
       [ePrint: 399387]
  • 7502 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, C.B.E.Gawith, R.Vrcelj, J.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyNonlinear ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(18) pp.20245-20252
       [ePrint: 398234]
  • 7490 —  J.S.Feehan, F.O.Ilday, W.S.Brocklesby, J.H.V.PriceSimulations and experiments showing the origin of multi-wavelength mode locking in femtosecond, Yb-fiber lasers
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 2016
       [ePrint: 397767]
  • 7348 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, S.Boden, R.Card, J.Chad, J.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyPtychographic coherent diffractive imaging with orthogonal probe relaxation
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(8) pp.8360-8369
       [ePrint: 389575]
  • 7316 —  P.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, H.Kim, S.Boden, J.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyWide-field broadband EUV transmission ptychography using a high harmonic source
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41(7) pp.1317-1320
       [ePrint: 387233]
  • 7314 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, H.Kim, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyCoherent diffractive imaging with laboratory scale EUV sources
    EXTATIC Welcome Week Southampton, UK 11-15 Jan 2016 (Talk)
       [ePrint: 387912]
  • 7313 —  S.Z.Oo, G.Silva, F.Carpignano, A.Noual, K.Pechstedt, L.Mateos, J.A.Grant-Jacob, W.S.Brocklesby, P.Horak, M.Charlton, S.A.Boden, T.MelvinA nanoporous gold membrane for sensing applications
    Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research 2016 In press
       [ePrint: 387913]
  • 7312 —  J.A.Grant-Jacob, S.Z.Oo, F.Carpignano, S.A.Boden, W.S.Brocklesby, M.D.B.Charlton, T.MelvinDesign and fabrication of a 3D-structured gold film with nanopores for local electric field enhancement in the pore
    Nanotechnology 2016 Vol.27 pp.065302
       [ePrint: 387914]
  • 7342 —  P.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, W.S.Brocklesby, J.FreyXUV ptychographic imaging using a high harmonic source
    Lasers for Science Facility User Meeting Abingdon 2015    [ePrint: 388166]
  • 7277 —  H.Kim, W.Li, S.Danylyuk, W.S.Brocklesby, M.C.Marconi, L.JuschkinOptical properties of 2D fractional Talbot patterns under coherent EUV illumination
    Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics 2015 Vol.48(37) pp.5101
       [ePrint: 385692]
  • 7266 —  K.A.Badiola, C.Bird, W.S.Brocklesby, J.Casson, R.T.Chapman, S.J.Coles, J.R.Cronshaw, A.Fisher, J.G.Frey, D.Gloria, M.C.Grossel, D.B.Hibbert, N.Knight, L.K.Mapp, L.Marazzi, B.Matthews, A.Milsted, R.S.Minns, K.T.Mueller, K.Murphy, T.Parkinson, R.Quinnell, J.S.Robinson, M.N.Robertson, M.Robins, E.Springate, G.Tizzard, M.H.Todd, A.E.Williamson, C.Willoughby, E.Yang, P.M.YliojaExperiences with a researcher-centric ELN
    Chemical Science 2015 Vol.6(3) pp.1614-1629
       [ePrint: 386249]
  • 7194 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, H.Kim, S.A.Boden, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyUltra-broadband ptychography with self-consistent coherence estimation from a high harmonic source
    X-Ray Lasers and Coherent X-Ray Sources San Diego, CA 9-13 Aug 2015 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 382926]
  • 7181 —  Peter D.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, W.S.Brocklesby, S.BodenTowards laser driven table-top coherent diffractive X-ray microscopy of cultured hippocampal neurons
    BIO-NANO-Photonics 2015 Cardiff 7-9 Sep 2015 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 382273]
  • 7068 —  A.W.Degen-Knifton, W.S.Brocklesby, P.HorakStatistical description of capillary-based high-harmonic generation
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) Munich, Germany 21-25 Jun 2015
       [ePrint: 378823]
  • 7014 —  M.Odstrčil, P.D.Baksh, S.A.Boden, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyLaser Driven Table-top Coherent EUV Source for High Resolution Diffractive Microscopy
    Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography 2015 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 388034]
  • 7003 —  M. Odstrčil, M.Parson, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyNonlinear Coherent Diffractive Imaging (CDI)
    Lasers for Science Facility User Meeting 28-30 Apr 2015 (Talk)    [ePrint: 388035]
  • 7251 —  W.S.Brocklesby, J.Nilsson, T.Schreiber, J.Limpert, A.Brignon, J.Bourderionnet, L.Lombard, V.Michau, M.Hanna, Y.Zaouter, T.Tajima, G.MourouICAN as a new laser paradigm for high energy, high average power femtosecond pulses
    European Physical Journal - Special Topics 2014 Vol.223(6) pp.1189-1195
       [ePrint: 385171]
  • 7249 —  H.Kim, W.Li, S.Danylyuk, W.S.Brocklesby, M.C.Marconi, L.JuschkinFractional Talbot lithography with extreme ultraviolet light
    Optics Letters 2014 Vol.39(24) pp.6969-6972
       [ePrint: 386347]
  • 7067 —  A.W.Degen-Knifton, P.N.Anderson, W.S.Brocklesby, P.HorakStatistical analysis of pump-pulse propagation in gas-filled capillaries for high-harmonic generation
    Photon 14 - IoP 1-4 Sep 2014
       [ePrint: 378896]
  • 6960 —  G.Mourou, T.Tajima, M.N.Quinn, W.S.Brocklesby, J.LimpertAre fiber-based lasers the future of accelerators?
    Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research A - Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment 2014 Vol.740 pp.17-20
       [ePrint: 378433]
  • 6834 —  M.Odstrčil, J.Bußmann, D.Rudolf, R.Bresenitz, P.Baksh, L.Juschkin, W.S.BrocklesbyCoherent diffractive imaging with laboratory EUV sources
    International Workshop on Advances in X Ray Imaging Trieste, Italy 10-12 Dec 2014 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 388037]
  • 6827 —  M. Odstrčil, P.Baksh, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyCoherent diffractive imaging with lower coherence laboratory sources
    Training school in advanced X-ray spatial and temporal metrology Dubrovnik, Croatia 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2014 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 388040]
  • 6786 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, W.S.BrocklesbyCoherent Diffraction Imaging using Laboratory Light Sources
    EXTATIC Welcome Week Workshop Warsaw, Poland 26-30 Jun 2014
       [ePrint: 388045]
  • 6695 —  W.S.BrocklesbyICAN: high peak and high average power ultrafast lasers via coherent amplification networks
    Ultrahigh intensity lasers Goa, India 12-17 Oct 2014
       [ePrint: 375397]
  • 6609 —  H.Kim, S.Danylyuk, S.Brose, P.Loosen, K.Bergmann, W.S.Brocklesby, L.JuschkinLensless proximity EUV lithography with a xenon gas discharge plasma radiation
    14th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers Fort Collins, USA 26-30 May 2014 pp.313-319
       [ePrint: 406662]
  • 6531 —  F.Carpignano, J.A.Grant-Jacob, J.Lamb, K.Pechstedt, W.S.Brocklesby, T.MelvinDirect detection of DNA on gold structured planar substrates by Raman microscopy
    Fotonica AEIT Italian Conference on Photonics Technologies Naples 12-14 May 2014
       [ePrint: 366971]
  • 6375 —  J.S.Feehan, H.M.Watts, P.Anderson, T.J.Butcher, J.H.V.Price, R.S.Minns, P.Horak, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreySingle exposure wavefront curvature estimation of high harmonic radiation by diffraction from a regular array
    CLEO '14 San Jose, CA 8-13 Jun 2014 STh3E.4
       [ePrint: 366381]
  • 6227 —  P.N.Anderson, P.Horak, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyHigh-energy laser-pulse self-compression in short gas-filled fibers
    Physical Review A 2014 Vol.89 pp.013819
       [ePrint: 361511]
  • 7243 —  T.Tajima, W.S.Brocklesby, G.MourouICAN The Next Laser Powerhouse
    Optics & Photonics News 2013 Vol.24(5) pp.36-43
       [ePrint: 386349]
  • 6936 —  A.D.Parsons, R.T.Chapman, B.Mills, S.Bajt, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyTemporal coherence effects on coherent diffractive imaging of a binary sample by a high harmonic source
    18th International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena Ecole Polytechnique Fed Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland 8-13 Jul 2013 41
       [ePrint: 379406]
  • 6277 —  A.D.Parsons, P.Baksh, W.S.Brocklesby, R.T.Chapman, B.Mills, J.G.FreyFull Characterisation of a Focussed Extreme Ultraviolet Beam Using a Non-Redundant Array of Apertures
    CLEO/Europe-IQEC 2013 Munich 12-16 May 2013 CH-P.11 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 366448]
  • 6004 —  A.D.Parsons, R.T.Chapman, P.Baksh, B.Mills, S.Bajt, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyUltra-broadband support determination for extreme ultraviolet coherent diffractive imaging from a high harmonic source
    Journal of Optics 2013 Vol.15 pp.094009
       [ePrint: 360438]
  • 5876 —  W.S.BrocklesbyICAN: - high peak and high average power lasers using coherent combination of optical fibres
    Petawatt Science Committee Meeting Munich 17 May 2013 (Invited)    [ePrint: 383260]
  • 5875 —  W.S.BrocklesbyHigh average power solid state laser for particle acceleration
    World of Photonics Congress Munich 14 May 2013 in: Application Panels - Advanced Solid State Lasers and Fiber Lasers (Invited)    [ePrint: 383261]
  • 5850 —  P.Horak, P.N.Anderson, T.J.Butcher, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyHigh-power laser pulse compression for optimized high-harmonic generation in short hollow fibers
    Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS '13) Stockholm 12-15 Aug 2013 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 365180]
  • 5848 —  G.Mourou, W.S.Brocklesby, T.Tajima, J.LimpertThe future is fibre accelerators
    Nature Photonics 2013 Vol.7(4) pp.258-261
       [ePrint: 356442]
  • 5826 —  T.J.Butcher, P.N.Anderson, R.T.Chapman, P.Horak, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyBright extreme-ultraviolet high-order-harmonic radiation from optimized pulse compression in short hollow waveguides
    Physical Review A 2013 Vol.87(4) pp.043822
       [ePrint: 351940]
  • 5820 —  P.N.Anderson, P.Horak, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyIsolated attosecond pulses by self-compression in short gas-filled fibers
    CLEO-Europe/IQEC 2013 Munich 12-16 May 2013 CG-P.10 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 365171]
  • 5874 —  W.S.BrocklesbyICAN: High energy, high average power pulsed lasers using optical fibres
    International Endeavor to establish Laser-Based High Energy Physics and Applications Conference Strathclyde University 13-15 Nov 2012 (Invited)    [ePrint: 382804]
  • 5687 —  J.Grant-Jacob, W.S.Brocklesby, T.MelvinFree-standing nanoscale gold pyramidal films with milled nanopores
    American Vacuum Society: 59th International AVS Symposium Tampa Florida 28 Oct - 2 Nov 2012
       [ePrint: 359616]
  • 5570 —  N.M.Perney, L.M.Braddick, M.Jurna, E.T.Garbacik, H.L.Offerhaus, L.C.Serpell, E.Blanch, L.Holden-Dye, W.S.Brocklesby, T.MelvinPolyglutamine aggregate structure in vitro and in vivo; New avenues for coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy
    PLoS ONE 2012 Vol.7(7) pp.e.00405036
       [ePrint: 341467]
  • 5436 —  J.Grant-Jacob, F.Carpignano, W.S.Brocklesby, T.MelvinFree-standing nanostructured gold films with milled nanopores for DNA analysis
    IoP - Physics meets Biology University of Oxford 3-5 Sept 2012
       [ePrint: 368320]
  • 5432 —  E.T.F.Rogers, S.L.Stebbings, Paula, C.A.Froud, M.Praeger, B.Mills, J.Grant-Jacob, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreySpatio-temporal phasematching in capillary high-harmonic generation
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 2012 Vol.29(4) pp.806-812
       [ePrint: 339964]
  • 5405 —  P.N.Anderson, T.J.Butcher, P.Horak, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyFew-cycle self-compression via multimode nonlinear optics in gas filled waveguides
    CLEO/QELS 2012 San Jose 6-11 May 2012
       [ePrint: 368321]
  • 5231 —  S.A.Berry, J.C.Gates, W.S.BrocklesbyDirect spatial-temporal discrimination of modes in a photonic lightwave circuit using photon scanning tunnelling microscopy
    CLEO/Europe 2011 Munich 22 -26 May 2011 CF.P.19
       [ePrint: 341280]
  • 5230 —  S.A.Berry, J.C.Gates, W.S.BrocklesbyDetermination of spatio-spectral properties of individual modes within multimode waveguides using spectrally resolved near-field scanning optical microscopy
    Applied Physics Letters 2011 Vol.99(14) pp.141107
       [ePrint: 205585]
  • 5185 —  P.N.Anderson, T.J.Butcher, P.Horak, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyExperimental demonstration of a high-flux capillary based XUV source in the high ionisation regime
    Intense field, Short Wavelength Atomic and Molecular Processes (I-SWAMP 2011) Dublin 21-23 July 2011
       [ePrint: 341161]
  • 5138 —  P.N.Anderson, T.J.Butcher, P.Horak, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyHigh-flux capillary based XUV source via the direct engineering of a laser induced ionization profile
    The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO/Europe) Munich 22-26 May 2011 CG.P.3 Poster
       [ePrint: 341329]
  • 5111 —  J.Grant-Jacob, B.Mills, T.J.Butcher, R.T.Chapman, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyGas jet structure influence on high harmonic generation
    Optics Express 2011 Vol.19(10) pp.9801-9806
       [ePrint: 184629]
  • 5058 —  A.Parsons, R.T.Chapman, B.Mills, T.J.Butcher, J.G.Frey, W.S.Brocklesby90 nm resolution reconstruction from a polychromatic signal using monochromatic phase retrieval techniques
    CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2011 Munich 22-26 May 2011 CD.P.35
       [ePrint: 341437]
  • 5047 —  T.J.Butcher, P.N.Anderson, P.Horak, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyHigh intensity pulse self-compression in short hollow core capillaries
    CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2011 Munich 22-26 May 2011
       [ePrint: 341525]
  • 4902 —  T.J.Butcher, R.T.Chapman, P.Horak, F.Poletti, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbySpatio-spectral technique to verify pump-pulse propagation model in an Ar-filled capillary in the presence of high harmonic generation
    Photon 10 Southampton 23-26 Aug 2010
       [ePrint: 206059]
  • 4872 —  J.Grant-Jacob, B.Mills, T.J.Butcher, R.T.Chapman, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyInfluence of gas jet structure on high harmonic generation
    Photon 10 Southampton 23-26 Aug 2010
       [ePrint: 339968]
  • 4803 —  R.T.Chapman, T.J.Butcher, P.Horak, F.Poletti, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyModal effects on pump-pulse propagation in an Ar-filled capillary
    Optics Express 2010 Vol.18(12) pp.13279-13284
       [ePrint: 177557]
  • 4751 —  S.L.Stebbings, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyAn attosecond soft x-ray nanoprobe: new technology for molecular imaging
    Advances in Solid State Lasers Development and Applications ISBN: 978-953-7619-80-0 INTECH Book section Ed: M.Grishin 2010 pp.489-508
       [ePrint: 149651]
  • 4600 —  W.S.BrocklesbyNanoscale imaging and diffraction with ultrafast XUV radiation
    Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS 2010) Xian China 22-26 Mar 2010    [ePrint: 382450]
  • 4593 —  W.S.BrocklesbyXUV generation scattering and imaging at 29nm with an HHG source
    UK Workshop on Ultrafast Dynamics Queens University Belfast 12 Jan 2010
       [ePrint: 78923]
  • 4482 —  C.A.Froud, R.T.Chapman, E.T.F.Rogers, M.Praeger, B.Mills, J.Grant-Jacob, T.J.Butcher, S.L.Stebbings, Paula, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbySpatially resolved Ar* and Ar+* imaging as a diagnostic for capillary-based high harmonic generation
    Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 2009 Vol.11(5) pp.054011-7
       [ePrint: 70887]
  • 4434 —  Y.Cheng, C.J.Oton, A.J.Boyland, J.K.Sahu, W.S.Brocklesby, W.H.LohPhotodarkening of 488nm-pumped Sm3+-doped germanosilicate fiber laser
    CLEO Pacific Rim 2009 Shanghai 30 Aug-3 Sep 2009
       [ePrint: 78901]
  • 4432 —  B.Mills, C.F.Chau, E.T.F.Rogers, J.Grant-Jacob, S.L.Stebbings, M.Praeger, Paula, C.A.Froud, R.T.Chapman, T.J.Butcher, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreySimultaneous measurement of structure and XUF dielectric constant of nanoscale objects using diffraction of high harmonic radiation
    CLEO/IQEC 2009 Baltimore 31 May - 5 Jun 2009 CFN6
       [ePrint: 78953]
  • 4356 —  P.Horak, R.T.Chapman, F.Poletti, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyNonlinear optical mode coupling by ionization in an Ar-filled capillary with high-power short-pulse excitation
    CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2009 Munich 14-19 Jun 2009
       [ePrint: 78990]
  • 4337 —  B.Mills, E.T.F.Rogers, J.Grant-Jacob, S.L.Stebbings, M.Praeger, Paula, C.A.Froud, R.T.Chapman, T.J.Butcher, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyEUV off-axis focusing using a high harmonic source
    EUV and X-ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space Prague 20-22 Apr 2009 In Proceedings of the SPIE (2009) Vol.7360 pp.736003-12
       [ePrint: 348769]
  • 4258 —  B.Mills, E.Rogers, J.Grant-Jacob, T.J.Butcher, S.Stebbings, W.S.BrocklesbyNanomaterial structure determination using XUV diffraction
    2nd European Topical Meeting on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, NanoMeta 2009 Seefeld 5-8 Jan 2009
       [ePrint: 78996]
  • 4752 —  S.L.Stebbings, E.T.F.Rogers, Paula, M.Praeger, C.A.Froud, B.Mills, D.C.Hanna, J.J.Baumberg, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyMolecular variation of capillary-produced soft x-ray high harmonics
    Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 2008 Vol.41 pp.145602
       [ePrint: 163397]
  • 4474 —  B.Mills, C.F.Chau, E.T.F.Rogers, J.Grant-Jacob, S.L.Stebbings, M.Praeger, C.A.Froud, R.T.Chapman, T.J.Butcher, D.C.Hanna, J.J.Baumberg, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyXUV diffraction from a self-assembled 2D array of close-packed 200nm diameter PMMA spheres
    European Conference on X-Ray Spectrometry (EXRS) Dubrovnik 16-20 June 2008 07-3
       [ePrint: 359715]
  • 4336 —  B.Mills, C.F.Chau, E.T.F.Rogers, J.Grant-Jacob, S.L.Stebbings, M.Praeger, Paula, C.A.Froud, T.J.Butcher, J.J.Baumberg, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyDirect measurement of the complex refractive index in the extreme ultraviolet spectral region using diffraction from a nanosphere array
    Applied Physics Letters 2008 Vol.93 pp.231103
       [ePrint: 65815]
  • 4186 —  B.Mills, C.F.Chau, E.T.F.Rogers, J.Grant-Jacob, S.L.Stebbings, M.Praeger, C.A.Froud, R.T.Chapman, T.J.Butcher, D.C.Hanna, J.J.Baumberg, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyXUV diffraction from a self-assembled 2D array of hexagonal close-packed 200nm diameter PMMA spheres
    Photon '08 Edinburgh 26-29 August 2008
       [ePrint: 63353]
  • 3987 —  S.L.Stebbings, E.T.F.Rogers, Paula, M.Praeger, C.A.Froud, B.Mills, D.C.Hanna, J.J.Baumberg, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyMolecular control of the evolution of capillary-generated soft X-ray high harmonics
    QELS 2007 Baltimore 6 May 2007 JThD12
       [ePrint: 65524]
  • 3767 —  T.Chaipiboonwong, P.Horak, J.D.Mills, W.S.BrocklesbyNumerical study of nonlinear interactions in a multimode waveguide
    Optics Express 2007 Vol.15(14) pp.9040-9047
       [ePrint: 65747]
  • 3741 —  T.Chaipiboonwong, P.Horak, J.D.Mills, W.S.BrocklesbyNumerical simulation of continuum generation in a multimode nonlinear waveguide
    CLEO/Europe-IQEC 2007 Munich 17-22 Jun 2007 CD10-2-FRI
       [ePrint: 47798]
  • 3640 —  M.Praeger, Paula, C.A.Froud, E.T.F.Rogers, S.L.Stebbings, W.S.Brocklesby, J.J.Baumberg, D.C.Hanna, J.G.FreySpatially resolved soft x-ray spectrometry from single-image diffraction
    Nature Physics 2007 Vol.3(3) pp.176-179
       [ePrint: 54367]
  • 3875 —  M.Praeger, Paula, S.L.Stebbings, C.A.Froud, E.T.F.Rogers, W.S.Brocklesby, J.J.Baumberg, D.C.Hanna, J.G.FreyMicroscale diffraction measurements with a high harmonic soft X-ray source
    CLEO 2006 Long Beach 21 May 2006 JWB32
       [ePrint: 65850]
  • 3874 —  W.S.BrocklesbyUltrafast X-ray sources based on high harmonic generation for nanoscale structural measurements
    MedX Workshop UCL, London, UK 2006    [ePrint: 39074]
  • 3873 —  W.S.BrocklesbyCapillary-based high harmonic generation for a soft X-ray nanoprobe
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