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Dr Tracy Melvin

tel: +44 23 8059 6505

Reader, Associate professor

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About Dr Tracy Melvin

Tracy Melvin obtained her PhD from University College London. After post-docs at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA and the Max Planck Institut fuer Strahlenchemie, Germany, she worked in the MRC Radiation and Genome Stability Unit on direct ionisation and enzymatic detection of DNA damage. After researching in the area of charge-migration in DNA, she became interested in the interface of microsystems and microelectronics with biochemistry and took up a research post in the CNRS working at the Centre de Biophysique Molelaire and the Laboratoire de Physique et Metrologie des Oscillateurs, France. Since September 2000 she has been at the University of Southampton and has research interests in the areas of optical microdevices for bioanalysis and self-assembled photonic and electronic devices. The focus of her research is to create technologies to provide the potential to answer bioscience questions, that are difficult or cannot be answered in any other way. This is achieved by developing novel methodology and devices, some of which was originally conceived for optical telecommunications applications. Her research crosses the medical science – micro-optical device interface and includes bionanotechnology methods.

There are 65 publications in ORC database for 'Melvin, T.'

  • 7670 —  F.Carpignano, G.Silva, A.Noual, K.Pechstedt, J.Grant-Jacob, W.S.Brocklesby, P.Horak, S.Boden, T.MelvinNanopores within 3D-structured gold film for sensing applications
    18th Italian National Conference on Photonic Technologies (Fotonica 2016) 6-8 Jun 2016 In IET Digital Library, 73
       [ePrint: 405214]
  • 7313 —  S.Z.Oo, G.Silva, F.Carpignano, A.Noual, K.Pechstedt, L.Mateos, J.A.Grant-Jacob, W.S.Brocklesby, P.Horak, M.Charlton, S.A.Boden, T.MelvinA nanoporous gold membrane for sensing applications
    Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research 2016 In press
       [ePrint: 387913]
  • 7312 —  J.A.Grant-Jacob, S.Z.Oo, F.Carpignano, S.A.Boden, W.S.Brocklesby, M.D.B.Charlton, T.MelvinDesign and fabrication of a 3D-structured gold film with nanopores for local electric field enhancement in the pore
    Nanotechnology 2016 Vol.27 pp.065302
       [ePrint: 387914]
  • 6973 —  P.Horak, A.Noual, T.Humphreys, T.MelvinStretching of single DNA molecules under pressure-driven flow in straight and curved microfluidic channels
    Trends in Optical Micromanipulation III Obergurgl, Austria 25-30 Jan 2015
       [ePrint: 379317]
  • 6580 —  R.Ismaeel, T.Lee, T.Melvin, G.BrambillaSensitive optical Microfiber-based Biosensors for DNA Detection
    Optical Sensors Barcelona 27-31 Jul 2014 JM5A (Poster)
       [ePrint: 368218]
  • 6531 —  F.Carpignano, J.A.Grant-Jacob, J.Lamb, K.Pechstedt, W.S.Brocklesby, T.MelvinDirect detection of DNA on gold structured planar substrates by Raman microscopy
    Fotonica AEIT Italian Conference on Photonics Technologies Naples 12-14 May 2014
       [ePrint: 366971]
  • 6207 —  M.W.Johannsen, S.R.Gerrard, T.Melvin, T.BrownTriplex-mediated analysis of cytosine methylation at CpA sites in DNA
    Chemical Communications 2014 Vol.50(5) pp.551-553
       [ePrint: 360139]
  • 6155 —  A.Noual, T.Humphreys, P.Horak, T.MelvinStudy of a single λ-DNA molecule stretching based on microfluidic devices
    Gordon Research Conference Physics and Chemistry Lucca Italy 9-14 June 2013
       [ePrint: 360047]
  • 5995 —  R.Ismaeel, T.Lee, M.A.Gouveia, M.Ding, T.Melvin, G.BrambillaDesign and optimization of a microfiber coupler for biosensing
    Optical Sensors 2013 Puerto Rico 14-17 July 2013
       [ePrint: 359611]
  • 5769 —  J.A.Milton, S.Patole, H.Yin, Q.Xiao, T.Brown, T.MelvinEfficient self-assembly of DNA-functionalized fluorophores and gold nanoparticles with DNA functionalized silicon surfaces: the effect of oligomer spacers
    Nucleic Acids Research 2013 Vol.41(7) pp.e80
       [ePrint: 349390]
  • 5687 —  J.Grant-Jacob, W.S.Brocklesby, T.MelvinFree-standing nanoscale gold pyramidal films with milled nanopores
    American Vacuum Society: 59th International AVS Symposium Tampa Florida 28 Oct - 2 Nov 2012
       [ePrint: 359616]
  • 5678 —  K.Pechstedt, T.MelvinBook Chapter: Colloidal Quantum Dots: The Opportunities and the Pitfalls for DNA Analysis Applications
    In Book: Functional nanoparticles for Bioanalysis Nanomedicine and Bioelectronic Devices Eds. M.R. Herpel, C-J Zhang. Publisher: Oxford University Press, ACS Symposium Series ISBN: 9780841228283 (hardback) 2012 Vol.2 pp.323-364
       [ePrint: 359629]
  • 5677 —  D.Friedrich, C.P.Please, T.MelvinThe design of microfluidic affinity chromatography systems for the separation of bioanalytes
    Journal of Chromatography B 2012 Vol.910 pp.163-171
       [ePrint: 346691]
  • 5570 —  N.M.Perney, L.M.Braddick, M.Jurna, E.T.Garbacik, H.L.Offerhaus, L.C.Serpell, E.Blanch, L.Holden-Dye, W.S.Brocklesby, T.MelvinPolyglutamine aggregate structure in vitro and in vivo; New avenues for coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy
    PLoS ONE 2012 Vol.7(7) pp.e.00405036
       [ePrint: 341467]
  • 5557 —  C.F.Chau, T.MelvinDesign and fabrication of a quasi-ordered nanoporous silicon membrane suitable for thermally induced drug release
    Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2012 Vol.22(8) pp.85028
       [ePrint: 341462]
  • 5556 —  D.Friedrich, C.P.Please, T.MelvinDesign of novel microfluidic concentration gradient generators suitable for linear and exponential concentration ranges
    Chemical Engineering Journal 2012 Vol.193-194 pp.296-303
       [ePrint: 341152]
  • 5461 —  L.M.Braddick, P.J.Garland, M.F.Praeger, J.Butement, D.Friedrich, D.J.Morgan, T.MelvinUniform aligned bioconjugation of biomolecule motifs for integration within microfabricated microfluidic devices
    Analytical Biochemistry 2012 Vol.424(2) pp.195-205
       [ePrint: 337288]
  • 5460 —  N.M.Perney, P.Horak, N.A.Hanley, T.MelvinThe self-orientation of mammalian cells in optical tweezers-the importance of the nucleus
    Physical Biology 2012 pp.024001
       [ePrint: 337291]
  • 5436 —  J.Grant-Jacob, F.Carpignano, W.S.Brocklesby, T.MelvinFree-standing nanostructured gold films with milled nanopores for DNA analysis
    IoP - Physics meets Biology University of Oxford 3-5 Sept 2012
       [ePrint: 368320]
  • 5095 —  M.Mohamad Shahimin, N.M.B.Perney, S.E.Brooks, N.A.Hanley, K.L.Wright, J.S.Wilkinson, T.MelvinOptical propulsion of mammalian eukaryotic cells on an integrated channel waveguide
    Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems IX San Francisco 23 Jan 2011 In proceedings of SPIE, Becker, Holger and Gray, Bonnie L. (eds.) 7929 792909
       [ePrint: 179815]
  • 4852 —  N.M.B.Perney, J.Hughes, P.Horak, N.A.Hanley, T.MelvinUnderstanding how mammalian cells are trapped in optical tweezers
    Faraday Discussion 149: Analysis for Healthcare Diagnostics and Theranostics Edinburgh 6-8 Sep 2010    [ePrint: 382427]
  • 4833 —  K.Pechstedt, T.Whittle, J.J.Baumberg, T.MelvinPhotoluminescence of colloidal CdSe/ZnS quantum dots: the critical effect of water
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2010 Vol.114(28) pp.12069-12077
       [ePrint: 177261]
  • 4812 —  N.M.B.Perney, J.Hughes, P.Horak, N.A.Hanley, T.MelvinOptical classification of human embryonic stem cells
    UKNSCN Nottingham 12-14 Jul 2010    [ePrint: 382432]
  • 4758 —  P.Glynne-Jones, R.J.Boltryk, M.Hill, F.Zhang, L.Dong, J.S.Wilkinson, T.Brown, T.Melvin, N.R.HarrisMulti-modal particle manipulator to enhance bead-based bioassays
    Ultrasonics 2010 Vol.50(2) pp.235-239
       [ePrint: 69843]
  • 4714 —  L.M.Braddick, P.J.Garland, M.F.Praeger, T.MelvinMicropatterning of integrated sensors with antigens for binding inhibition assays
    Biosensors 2010 Glasgow 26-28 May 2010 0891    [ePrint: 382440]
  • 4713 —  N.M.B.Perney, P.Horak, N.A.Hanley, T.MelvinMammalian cell orientation in optical tweezers
    Biosensors 2010 Glasgow 26-28 May 2010 0802    [ePrint: 382441]
  • 4501 —  T.Humphreys, J.Andersson, U.Sodervall, T.MelvinWorld-to-chip interconnects for efficient loading of genomic DNA into microfluidic channels
    Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2009 Vol.19(10) pp.105024
       [ePrint: 70952]
  • 4458 —  P.Glynne-Jones, R.Boltryk, M.Hill, F.Zhang, L.Dong, J.S.Wilkinson, T.Brown, T.Melvin, N.R.HarrisMulti-modal particle manipulator to enhance bead-based bioassays
    International Congress on Ultrasonics Santiago, Chile 11-17 Jan 2009 Published in Physics Procedia
       [ePrint: 70918]
  • 4246 —  P.Glynne-Jones, R.J.Boltryk, M.Hill, F.Zhang, L.Dong, J.S.Wilkinson, T.Melvin, N.R.Harris, T.BrownFlexible acoustic particle manipulation device with integrated optical waveguide for enhanced microbead assays
    Analytical Sciences 2009 Vol.25(2) pp.285-291
       [ePrint: 65708]
  • 4152 —  P.Glynne-Jones, M.Hill, R.J.Townsend, N.R.Harris, J.S.Wilkinson, T.MelvinAn integrated multimodal acoustic particle manipulator and optical evanescent field waveguide
    Journal of Acoustic Society of America 2008 Vol.123(5 Pt2) pp.3925 (Paper 5pPAa2 in Acoustics '08, 4 July, Paris )
       [ePrint: 63332]
  • 4113 —  C.F.Chau, T.MelvinFabrication of macroporous polysilicon by nanosphere lithography
    Journal of Micromechanics & Microengineering 2008 Vol.18(6) pp.064012
       [ePrint: 65482]
  • 4072 —  D.Friedrich, C.P.Please, T.MelvinOptimisation of analyte transport in integrated microfluidic affinity sensors for the quantification of low levels of analyte
    Sensors and Actuators B 2008 Vol.131(1) pp.323-332
       [ePrint: 52038]
  • 4031 —  T.MelvinOptical biosensing: future possibilities
    Expert Review of Opthalmology 2007 Vol.2(6) pp.883-887 (Editorial)
       [ePrint: 50678]
  • 3941 —  C.F.Chau, T.MelvinFabrication of macroporous polysilicon by using nanosphere lithography
    18th Meeting on Micromachining, Micromechanics and Microsystems (MME 2007) Guimaraes, Portugal 16-18 Sep 2007 pp.273-276
       [ePrint: 49794]
  • 3866 —  M.Hill, P.Glynne-Jones, R.J.Townsend, N.R.Harris, A.W.Cranny, T.Melvin, F.Zhang, J.S.WilkinsonNodal position in planar resonators for ultrasonic manipulation
    19th International Congress on Acoustics (ICA 2007) Madrid, Spain 2-7 Sep 2007
       [ePrint: 48992]
  • 3382 —  T.Melvin, L.Dyadshuka, A.Weld, H.Yin, A.Adam, T.Brown, S.Jaiswal, K.Boudakos, D.C.Smith, J.J.Baumberg, F.BooyDNA, nanoparticles and photons - new approaches for clinical diagnostics
    International Symposium on Biophotonics, Nanophotonics and Metamaterials Hangzhou, China Oct 16-18 2006 (Proceedings pp.20-21, 2006)
       [ePrint: 54056]
  • 3477 —  C.F.Chau, T.MelvinDesign and fabrication of passive mixing channels to be incorporated into a centrifugally driven microfluidic lab-on-a-disc
    PREP 2005 Lancaster, UK Mar 2005
       [ePrint: 57735]
  • 3476 —  M.Bahrami, A.G.R.Evans, J.S.Wilkinson, B.Husband, N.P.Sessions, T.MelvinFabrication and testing of a micro-fabricated PCR Device with an integrated fluorescence detector
    16th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop Gothenburg, Sweden 2005 pp.358-361
       [ePrint: 57736]
  • 3475 —  B.Husband, A.G.R.Evans, T.MelvinFluid dispensing using superparamagnetic beads
    16th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop, MME Gothenburg, Sweden 4-6 Sep 2005 Poster
       [ePrint: 261206]
  • 3474 —  H.B.Yin, T.Brown, J.S.Wilkinson, R.W.Eason, T.MelvinPhotonic generation of DNA micropatterns for haplotype analysis
    BioScience 2005 Glasgow Jul 2005
       [ePrint: 57738]
  • 3473 —  C.W.A.Johnson, H.Yin, M.G.Gore, T.MelvinProtein patterning on silicon (100)
    BioScience 2005 Glasgow Jul 2005 Poster
       [ePrint: 57739]
  • 3297 —  M.Bahrami, T.Melvin, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansPCR device with integrated thermal cycling and fluorescence detection elements
    Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS II Sevilla, Spain 9 May 2005 in Proc. SPIE Vol.5836 (285)
       [ePrint: 42413]
  • 3244 —  L.Dyadyusha, H.Yin, S.Jaiswal, T.Brown, J.J.Baumberg, F.P.Booy, T.MelvinQuenching of CdSe quantum dot emission, a new approach for biosensing
    Chemical Communications 2005 Vol.25 pp.3201-3203
       [ePrint: 20783]
  • 3130 —  B.Husband, T.Melvin, A.G.R.EvansA superparamagnetic bead driven fluidic device
    Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS II Seville, Spain 9 May 2005 5836 (Proceedings SPIE) (Invited)
       [ePrint: 57745]
  • 3695 —  B.Husband, M.Bu, V.Apostolopoulos, T.Melvin, A.G.R.EvansNovel actuation of an integrated peristaltic micropump
    Microelectronic Engineering 2004 Vol.73-74 pp.858-863
       [ePrint: 57313]
  • 3470 —  B.Husband, T.Melvin, A.G.R.EvansFluidic control using superparamagnetic beads
    15th Micromechanics Europe Workshop MME Leuven Belgium 5-7 Sep 2004 Poster
       [ePrint: 57740]
  • 3290 —  M.Bu, B.Husband, T.Melvin, G.Ensell, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansAn improved micro peristaltic pump for pumping air and its application in a micro PCR device
    Eurosensors Rome, Italy 12-15 Sep 2004 (Abstract unavailable)    [ePrint: 76428]
  • 3289 —  M.Bahrami, T.Melvin, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansMicro-fabricated polymerase chain reaction device with integrated fluorescence detection elements
    15th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop Leuven Belgium 5-7 Sep 2004 pp.203-206
       [ePrint: 46108]
  • 3241 —  B.Husband, M.Bu, A.G.R.Evans, T.MelvinInvestigation for the operation of an integrated peristaltic micropump
    Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2004 Vol.14(9) pp.S64-69
       [ePrint: 260072]
  • 3083 —  M.Bahrami, T.Melvin, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansOptical filter technologies for integration into a silicon microfabricated PCR device with a PN diode
    PREP 2004 Hertfordshire, England 6 Apr 2004
       [ePrint: 57741]
  • 2947 —  H.B.Yin, T.Brown, R.Greef, J.S.Wilkinson, T.MelvinChemical modification and micropatterning of Si(100) with oligonucleotides
    Microelectronic Engineering 2004 Vol.73-4 pp.830-836
       [ePrint: 20345]
  • 2946 —  A.M.Weld, H.B.Yin, T.MelvinDetection of DNA-gold nanoparticle hybrids on patterned surfaces
    Postgraduate Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (PGBIOMED'04) Southampton Aug 2004
       [ePrint: 267947]
  • 2923 —  M.Bu, T.Melvin, G.J.Ensell, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansA new masking technology for deep glass etching and its microfluidic application
    Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 2004 Vol.115(2-3) pp.476-482
       [ePrint: 30220]
  • 2917 —  H.B.Yin, T.Brown, J.S.Wilkinson, R.W.Eason, T.MelvinSubmicron patterning of DNA oligonucleotides on silicon
    Nucleic Acids Research 2004 Vol.32(14) pp.e118
       [ePrint: 20346]
  • 2870 —  H.B.Yin, T.Brown, R.Greef, S.Mailis, R.W.Eason, J.S.Wilkinson, T.MelvinPhoto-patterning of DNA oligonucleotides on silicon surfaces with micron-scale dimensions
    Biophotonics New Frontier: From Genome to Proteome Strasbourg, France 27-29 Apr 2004 6 pp.1-8 in Proc. SPIE, 5461, Michel D. Faupel, Patrick Meyrueis, Editors, (2004)
       [ePrint: 13917]
  • 3237 —  M.Bu, B.Husband, T.Melvin, G.J.Ensell, N.P.Pham, P.M.Sarro, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansFabrication of a microfluidic chip for PCR applications
    14th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop Delft, The Netherlands 2-4 Nov 2003 pp.119-122 Poster
       [ePrint: 57744]
  • 2903 —  M.Bu, T.Melvin, G.Ensell, J.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansFabrication of a micro peristaltic pump
    PREP 2003 University of Exeter 14-16th Apr 2003    [ePrint: 57742]
  • 2882 —  B.Husband, M.Bu, V.Apostolopoulos, T.Melvin, A.G.R.EvansInvestigation for the operation of an integrated peristaltic micropump
    14th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop Delft, Netherlands 2-4 Nov 2003 Poster
       [ePrint: 57743]
  • 2834 —  H.B.Yin, T.Brown, S.Mailis, J.S.Wilkinson, T.MelvinChemical modification and patterning of Si(100) using interference photolithography
    29th International Conference on Micro- and Nano-Engineering Cambridge 22-25 Sep 2003 pp.422-423    [ePrint: 41558]
  • 2833 —  H.B.Yin, T.Brown, S.Mailis, J.S.Wilkinson, T.MelvinMicro/submicro-patterning of DNA on Si(100) surface
    Roy. Soc. of Chem. Frontiers in chemical biology: Biomolecular dynamics and force generation Manchester 4-6 Sep 2003 pp.12    [ePrint: 41559]
  • 2689 —  M.Bu, T.Melvin, G.Ensell, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansDesign and theoretical evaluation of a novel microfluidic device to be used for PCR
    Journal Micromechanics Microengineering 2003 Vol.13(4) pp.S125-S130 Special issue, articles from 13th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop (MME 02)
       [ePrint: 13843]
  • 2654 —  M.Bu, T.Melvin, G.Ensell, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.EvansNew deep glass etching technology
    Eurosensors 17 Guimares, Portugal 21-24 Sep 2003
       [ePrint: 41595]
  • 2784 —  M.Bu, T.Melvin, A.G.R.Evans, J.WilkinsonDesign and simulation of a micro pump PCR chip
    MME 02 Romania 6-8 Oct 2002
       [ePrint: 257796]
  • 2625 —  E.Privat, T.Melvin, F.Mérola, G.Schweizer, S.Prodhomme, U.Asseline, P.VignyFluorescent properties of oligonucleotide-conjugated thiazole orange probes
    Photochemistry and Photobiology 2002 Vol.75(3) pp.201-210
       [ePrint: 49830]
  • 2325 —  E.Privat, T.Melvin, U.Asseline, P.VignyOligonucleotide-conjugated thiazole orange probes as "light-up" probes for messenger ribonucleic acid molecules in living cells
    Photochemistry and Photobiology 2001 Vol.74(4) pp.532-541
       [ePrint: 41236]

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