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Saurabh Jain

tel: +44 23 8059 2956

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About Saurabh Jain

Saurabh received his B.Tech degree in Engineering Physics at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (INDIA) in 2011. His current PhD project involves development of Bi-doped ultra broadband Fiber Laser source.

There are 34 publications in ORC database for 'Jain, S.'

  • 7805 —  C.Guo, W.Liu, S.Ruan, J.Yu, Y.Chen, P.Yan, J.Wang, S.Jain, P.HuaTunable passively-synchronized 1μm Q-switched and 1.5μm gain-switched dual-wavelength fiber laser based on an Er/Yb codoped fiber
    IEEE Photonics Journal 2017 Vol.9(3) Art. 1502609
       [ePrint: 410111]
  • 7711 —  Yongmin Jung, Q.Kang, S.Jain, S.U.Alam, D.J.RichardsonRecent progress in SDM amplifiers
    Photonic West USA 28 Jan - 2 Feb 2017    [ePrint: 405633]
  • 7587 —  S.Jain, T.Mizuno, Yongmin Jung, Q.Kang, J.Hayes, M.N.Petrovich, G.Bai, H.Ono, K.Shibahara, A.Sano, A.Isoda, Y.Miyamoto, Y.Sasaki, Y.Amma, K.Takenagga, K.Aikawa, C.Castro, K.Pulverer, Md.Nooruzzaman, T.Torioka, S.U.Alam, D.J.Richardson32-core inline multicore fiber amplifier for dense space division multiplexed transmission system
    42nd European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2016) Dusseldorf 18-22 Sep 2016
       [ePrint: 401508]
  • 7218 —  N.K.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, S.Jain, B.Pranabesh, J.K.SahuDiode pumped Bi-doped fiber laser operating at 1360nm
    4th Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications (WSOF-2015) Hong Kong 4-6 Nov 2015
       [ePrint: 383763]
  • 7217 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, J.K.SahuProgress towards development of efficient Bi-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers
    Siegman International School on Lasers Amberg, Germany 2-7 Aug 2015 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 383762]
  • 7170 —  D.J.Richardson, Yongmin Jung, Q.Kang, J.K.Sahu, S.Jain, Z.Li, S-U.AlamEmerging fiber lasers and amplifiers for telecoms
    CLEO Europe 2015 Munich 21-25 Jun 2015 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 381902]
  • 7108 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, A.A.Umnikov, P.Barua, J.K.Sahu1120nm diode-pumped Bi-doped fiber amplifier
    Optics Letters 2015 Vol.40(10) pp.2441-2444
       [ePrint: 381666]
  • 7107 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, A.A.Umnikov, P.Barua, J.K.Sahu1180nm Bi-doped aluminosilicate fiber amplifier
    CLEO/Europe 2015 - European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Munich 21-25 Jun 2015 accepted
       [ePrint: 378598]
  • 6891 —  S.Yan, E.Hugues-Salas, V.J.F.Rancaño, Y.Shu, G.M.Saridis, B.R.Rofoee, Y.Yan, A.Peters, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, G.Zervas, D.SimeonidouArchon: A function programmable optical interconnect architecture for transparent intra and inter data center SDM/TDM/WDM networking
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2015 Vol.33(8) pp.1586-1595
       [ePrint: 375793]
  • 6890 —  S.Torrengo, M.C.Paul, A.Halder, S.Das, A.Dhar, J.K.Sahu, S.Jain, A.V.Kir'yanov, F.d'AcapitoEXAFS studies of the local structures of bismuth centers in multicomponent silica glass based optical fiber preforms
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 2015 Vol.410 pp.82-87
       [ePrint: 375784]
  • 6889 —  V.J.F.Rancaño, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, E.Hugues-Salas, S.Yan, G.Zervas, D.Simeonidou, P.Petropoulos, D.J.RichardsonDemonstration of space-to-wavelength conversion in SDM networks
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2015 Vol.27(8) pp.828-831
       [ePrint: 375783]
  • 6888 —  S.Jain, N.K.Thipparapu, P.Barua, J.K.SahuCladding-pumped Er/Yb-doped multi-element fiber amplifier for wideband applications
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2015 Vol.27(4) pp.356-358
       [ePrint: 375782]
  • 6887 —  S.Yan, E.Hugues-Salas, V.J.F.Rancaño, S.Yi, G.Saridis, B.Rofoee, Y.Yan, A.Peters, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, G.Zervas, D.SimeonidouFirst demonstration of all-optical programmable SDM/TDM intra data centre and WDM inter-DCN communication
    ECOC Cannes 21-25 Sep 2014 PD.1.2 (Postdeadline)
       [ePrint: 375817]
  • 6886 —  S.Jain, N.K.Thipparapu, P.Barua, J.K.SahuMulti-element fiber for next generation optical communication
    IEEE 5th International Conference on Photonics (ICP) Kuala Lumpur 2-4 Sep 2014 D2-PM1-R1 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 375818]
  • 6767 —  S.R.Sandoghchi, G.T.Jasion, N.V.Wheeler, S.Jain, Z.Lian, J.P.Wooler, R.P.Boardman, N.Baddela, Yong Chen, J.R.Hayes, E.Numkam Fokoua, T.Bradley, D.R.Gray, S.Abokhamis Mousavi, M.N.Petrovich, F.Poletti, D.J.RichardsonX-ray tomography for structural analysis of microstructured and multimaterial optical fibers and preforms
    Optics Express 2014 Vol.22(21) pp.26181-26192
       [ePrint: 375054]
  • 6721 —  Y.Feng, J.Nilsson, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.Sahu, F.Jia, D.Wilson, M.Lengden, W.JohnstoneLD-seeded thulium-doped fibre amplifier for CO2 measurements at 2 μm
    6th Europhoton Conference (EPS-QEOD) Neuchâtel, Switzerland 24-29 Aug 2014 TuP-T1-P-12    [ePrint: 384217]
  • 6708 —  S.Jain, Y.Jung, T.C.May-Smith, S.U.Alam, J.K.Sahu, D.J.RichardsonFew-mode multi-element fiber amplifier for mode division multiplexing
    Optics Express 2014 Vol.22(23) pp.29031-29036
       [ePrint: 372177]
  • 6693 —  Y.Jung, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.Sahu, S-U.Alam, D.J.RichardsonFew-mode multi-element fiber amplifier for mode division multiplexing
    European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) Cannes 21-25 Sep 2014 Tu.3.4.4
       [ePrint: 370750]
  • 6645 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.SahuWideband multi-element Er-doped fiber amplifier
    Laser Physics Letters 2014 Vol.11(9) pp.095104
       [ePrint: 369595]
  • 6644 —  N.K.Thipparapu, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.SahuConfigurable Er-doped core-pumped multi-element fiber amplifier
    OECC/ACOFT '14 Melbourne 6-10 Jul 2014
       [ePrint: 369634]
  • 6578 —  V.J.F.Rancaño, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.Sahu, P.Petropoulos, D.J.RichardsonMulti-Element Fiber Technology for High-Capacity Optical Communication Systems
    Advanced Photonics Conference Barcelona, Spain 27-31 Jul 2014 SoW2B.1
       [ePrint: 368219]
  • 6577 —  V.J.F.Rancaño, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.Sahu, P.Petropoulos, D.J.RichardsonSpace Division Multiplexing using Multi-Element Fibers
    IEEE Summer Topicals Montréal, Canada 14-16 Jul 2014
       [ePrint: 368222]
  • 6559 —  S.Jain, V.J.F.Rancaño, T.C.May-Smith, P.Petropoulos, J.K.Sahu, D.J.RichardsonMulti-Element Fiber for Space-Division Multiplexed Optical Communication system
    International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks Graz, Austria 6-10 Jul 2014 Th.A2.5
       [ePrint: 367557]
  • 6558 —  S.Jain, J.B.Duchez, Y.Mebrouk, M.A.Nuñez Velazquez, F.Mady, B.Dussardier, M.Benabdesselam, J.K.SahuThermally-stimulated emission analysis of Bismuth-doped Silica fibers
    Optical Materials Express 2014 Vol.4(7) pp.1361-1366
       [ePrint: 367721]
  • 6332 —  J.K.Sahu, S.Jain, D.Jain, N.K.Thipparapu, T.C.May-SmithNovel geometry fibres for use in optical communications and high power lasers
    Sixth International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications (ICOOPMA '14) Leeds 27-31 Jul 2014 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 363308]
  • 6331 —  J.K.Sahu, D.Jain, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, C.BaskiotisNovel optical fibers for telecommunications and high-power laser applications
    International Conference on Optics and Optoelectronics, IT-LAA-04 Dehradun, India 3-8 Mar 2014 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 363311]
  • 6330 —  S.Jain, V.J.F.Rancaño, T.C.May-Smith, P.Petropoulos, J.K.Sahu, D.J.RichardsonMulti-element fiber technology for space-division multiplexing applications
    Optics Express 2014 Vol.22(4) pp.3787-3796
       [ePrint: 363284]
  • 6329 —  J.K.Sahu, S.Jain, V.J.F.Rancaño, T.C.May-Smith, A.S.Webb, P.Petropoulos, D.J.RichardsonMulti-element fiber for space-division multiplexing
    SPIE Photonics West San Francisco 1-6 Feb 2014 9009 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 363312]
  • 6328 —  S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.SahuCladding-pumped Er/Yb-doped Multi-Element Fiber Amplifier for C+L band Operations
    Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) San Francisco 9-13 Mar 2014 M2J.3
       [ePrint: 363315]
  • 6158 —  S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.SahuCladding-pumped Er/Yb-doped multi-element fiber amplifier
    Workshop on Speciality Optical Fibers and their Applications (WSOF 2013) Sigtuna, Sweden 28-30 Aug 2013 p.5.4
       [ePrint: 364407]
  • 6151 —  S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, V.J.F.Rancaño, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, J.K.SahuMulti-element fibre for space-division multiplexed transmission
    ECOC 2013 London 22-26 Sep 2013 Mo.4.A.2
       [ePrint: 363469]
  • 6126 —  V.J.F.Rancaño, S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.Sahu, P.Petropoulos, D.J.RichardsonFirst demonstration of an amplfied transmission line based on multi-element fibre technology
    ECOC 2013 London 22-26 Sep 2013 PD1.C.2 (Postdeadline)
       [ePrint: 360552]
  • 5754 —  S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, A.Dhar, A.S.Webb, M.Belal, D.J.Richardson, J.K.Sahu, D.N.PayneErbium-doped multi-element fiber amplifiers for space-division multiplexing operations
    Optics Letters 2013 Vol.38(4) pp.582-584
       [ePrint: 350151]
  • 5609 —  S.Jain, T.C.May-Smith, A.Dhar, A.Webb, B.Usmani, J.K.SahuGain and noise figure study of Er-doped multi-element fiber amplifier
    Asia Comunications and Photonics Conference (ACP) Guangzhou, China 7-10 November 2012 ATh2A.1    [ePrint: 382812]

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