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Dr Sam Berry

tel: +44 23 8059 3163

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There are 7 publications in ORC database for 'Berry, S.'

  • 7474 —  S.Lynch, C.Holmes, S.Berry, J.C.Gates, A.Jantzen, T.Ferreiro, P.G.R.SmithExternal cavity diode laser based upon an FBG in an integrated optical fiber platform
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(8) pp.8391-8398
       [ePrint: 397002]
  • 7436 —  S.Lynch, C.Holmes, S.Berry, J.Gates, A.Jantzen, T.Ferreiro, P.G.R.SmithNarrow linewidth external cavity diode laser using UV- written gratings in an integrated optical fiber platform
    CLEO Science and Innovations 2016 San Jose 5-10 Jun 2016 SW4M.7
       [ePrint: 397004]
  • 7306 —  C.Gawith, J.C.Gates, P.Mennea, L.Carpenter, S.Berry, C.Holmes, S.Lynch, M.Posner, R.Bannerman, M.Turvey, P.Cooper, P.G.R.SmithFabrication of integrated optical waveguides for use in new quantum technologies
    IEEE International Conference on Photonics Sarawak 14-16 Mar 2016 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 386457]
  • 6485 —  D.McBryde, P.Gow, S.A.Berry, M.E.Barnes, A.Aghajani, V.ApostolopoulosMultiple double-metal bias-free terahertz emitter
    Applied Physics Letters 2014 Vol.104 pp.201108
       [ePrint: 365885]
  • 5770 —  S.A.BerryUltra-high spatial and temporal resolution using Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy
    PhD Thesis - 2013 Supervisor: W.S.Brocklesby
       [ePrint: 348102]
  • 5231 —  S.A.Berry, J.C.Gates, W.S.BrocklesbyDirect spatial-temporal discrimination of modes in a photonic lightwave circuit using photon scanning tunnelling microscopy
    CLEO/Europe 2011 Munich 22 -26 May 2011 CF.P.19
       [ePrint: 341280]
  • 5230 —  S.A.Berry, J.C.Gates, W.S.BrocklesbyDetermination of spatio-spectral properties of individual modes within multimode waveguides using spectrally resolved near-field scanning optical microscopy
    Applied Physics Letters 2011 Vol.99(14) pp.141107
       [ePrint: 205585]

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