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About Robert Standish

Robert graduated from Nottingham University with a BSc in Physics with Astronomy, and joined the ORC in 2004. He supports optical fibre fabrication activities by fabricating a wide range of silica fibres and maintaining the group′s fibre fabrication and characterisation equipment.

There are 17 publications in ORC database for 'Standish, R.J.'

  • 5515 —  S.Yoo, A.S.Webb, R.J.Standish, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.SahuQ-switched neodymium-doped Y3Al5O12-based silica fiber laser
    Optics Letters 2012 Vol.37(12) pp.2181-2183
       [ePrint: 340025]
  • 5393 —  S.Yoo, A.S.Webb, R.J.Standish, T.C.May-Smith, J.K.Sahu5.4W cladding-pumped Nd:YAG silica fiber laser
    CLEO/QELS 2012 San Jose 6-11 May 2012 CM2N.2
       [ePrint: 379677]
  • 5080 —  A.J.Boyland, A.S.Webb, S.Yoo, F.H.Mountfort, M.P.Kalita, R.J.Standish, J.K.Sahu, D.J.Richardson, D.N.PayneOptical fiber fabrication using novel gas-phase deposition technique
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2011 Vol.29(6) pp.912-915
       [ePrint: 183711]
  • 5067 —  S.Yoo, A.S.Webb, A.J.Boyland, R.J.Standish, A.Dhar, J.K.SahuPolarization-maintaining ytterbium-doped fibre with an aluminosilicate inner-cladding fabricated using in-situ doping technique
    CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2011 Munich 22-26 May 2011 CJ2.4
       [ePrint: 341433]
  • 5066 —  S.Yoo, A.S.Webb, A.J.Boyland, R.J.Standish, A.Dhar, J.K.SahuLinearly polarized ytterbium-doped fiber laser in a pedestal design with aluminosilicate inner cladding
    Laser Physics Letters 2011 Vol.8(6) pp.453-457
       [ePrint: 180777]
  • 7236 —  A.J.Boyland, A.S.Webb, M.P.Kalita, S.Yoo, C.A.Codemard, R.J.Standish, J.Nilsson, J.K.SahuRare-Earth Doped Optical Fiber Fabrication Using Novel Gas Phase Deposition Technique
    Conference on Lasers and Electrooptics (CLEO) and Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (QELS) 16-21 May 2010
       [ePrint: 386080]
  • 4746 —  S.Yoo, M.P.Kalita, A.J.Boyland, A.S.Webb, R.J.Standish, J.K.Sahu, M.C.Paul, S.Das, S.K.Bhadra, M.PalYtterbium-doped Y2O3 nanoparticle silica optical fibers for high power fiber lasers with suppressed photodarkening
    Optics Communications 2010 Vol.283(18) pp.3423-3427
       [ePrint: 178625]
  • 4695 —  S.Yoo, A.J.Boyland, R.J.Standish, J.K.SahuMeasurement of photodarkening in Yb-doped aluminosilicate fibres at elevated temperature
    Electronics Letters 2010 Vol.46(3) pp.233-234
       [ePrint: 179481]
  • 4689 —  A.J.Boyland, A.S.Webb, M.P.Kalita, S.Yoo, C.A.Codemard, R.J.Standish, J.Nilsson, J.K.SahuRare earth doped optical fiber fabrication using novel gas phase deposition technique
    CLEO/QELS 2010 San Jose CA 16-21 May 2010 CThV7
       [ePrint: 362818]
  • 4687 —  S.Yoo, M.P.Kalita, A.J.Boyland, A.Webb, R.J.Standish, M.C.Paul, S.Das, S.K.Bhadra, M.PalYtterbium doped nano-crystalline optical fiber for reduced photodarkening
    CLEO/QELS 2010 San Jose CA 16-21 May 2010 JWA98 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 340639]
  • 4672 —  J.K.Sahu, S.Yoo, A.J.Boyland, A.Webb, C.Codemard, R.J.Standish, J.NilssonYtterbium-doped low-NA P-Al-silicate large-mode-area fiber for high power applications
    CLEO/QELS 2010 San Jose CA 16-21 May 2010 CTuP3
       [ePrint: 340688]
  • 4666 —  A.S.Webb, A.J.Boyland, R.J.Standish, S.Yoo, J.K.Sahu, D.N.PayneMCVD in-situ solution doping process for the fabrication of complex design large core rare-earth doped fibers
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 2010 Vol.356(18-19) pp.848-851
       [ePrint: 179539]
  • 4665 —  A.S.Webb, A.J.Boyland, R.J.Standish, D.Lin, S.-U.Alam, J.K.SahuIn-situ solution doping technique for novel geometry rare-earth doped fiber fabrication
    CLEO/QELS 2010 San Jose CA 16-21 May 2010 JTuD (Poster)
       [ePrint: 362816]
  • 4594 —  M.P.Kalita, S.Yoo, A.S.Webb, R.J.Standish, M.Ibsen, J.K.SahuModification of spectroscopic properties of Bismuth doped silica fiber by post-fabrication process and different fabrication methods
    OFC 2010 San Diego 21-25 Mar 2010 OMG2
       [ePrint: 340617]
  • 4413 —  J.K.Sahu, M.C.Paul, M.P.Kalita, A.J.Boyland, C.Codemard, S.Yoo, A.S.Webb, R.J.Standish, J.Nilsson, S.Das, S.K.Bhadra, M.Pal, A.Dhar, R.SenYtterbium doped nanostructured optical fibers for high power fiber lasers
    CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2009 Munich 14-19 Jun 2009 CJ2.1
       [ePrint: 76280]
  • 3793 —  A.S.Webb, M.F.R.Adikan, J.K.Sahu, R.J.Standish, C.B.E.Gawith, J.C.Gates, P.G.R.Smith, D.N.PayneMCVD planar substrates for UV-written waveguide devices
    Electronics Letters 2007 Vol.43(9) pp.517-519
       [ePrint: 46868]
  • 3590 —  F.R.M.Adikan, A.S.Webb, R.J.Standish, J.K.Sahu, C.Holmes, H.E.Major, D.Kundys, J.C.Gates, C.B.E.Gawith, P.G.R.Smith, D.N.PayneSense and fibrelity: Next generation optical biosensors
    House of Commons Engineering Reception (Poster) London 12 Dec 2006
       [ePrint: 65496]

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