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Rokas Drevinskas

tel: +44 23 8059 3924

Postgraduate student (from 2012)

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There are 32 publications in ORC database for 'Drevinskas'

  • 7741 —  R.Drevinskas, P.G.KazanskyGeneration of extreme ultraviolet vector beams from infrared laser pulses
    CLEO/Europe - EQEC 2017 Munich 25-29 Jun 2017    [ePrint: 408077]
  • 7728 —  A.Cerkauskaite, R.Drevinskas, A.O.Rybaltovskii, P.G.KazanskyUltrafast laser-induced birefringence in various porosity silica glasses: from fused silica to aerogel
    Optics Express 2017 Vol.25(7) pp.8011-8021
       [ePrint: 407586]
  • 7646 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, Jingyu Zhang, A.Kazanskii, P.G.KazanskyUltrafast laser-induced metasurfaces for geometric phase manipulation
    Advanced Optical Materials 2017 Vol.5 pp.1600575
       [ePrint: 403922]
  • 7420 —  J.Zhang, A.Cerkauskaite, R.Drevinskas, A.Patel, M.Beresna, P.G.KazanskyEternal 5D data storage by ultrafast laser writing in glass
    SPIE Photonics West: Laser-based Micro- and Nanoprocessing X San Francisco 13-18 Feb 2016 (Proceedings of SPIE, 9736)
       [ePrint: 396809]
  • 7415 —  R.Drevinskas, J.Zhang, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, A.G.Kazanskii, Yuri P.Svirko, P.G.KazanskyLaser material processing with tightly focused cylindrical vector beams
    Applied Physics Letters 2016 pp.1-5
       [ePrint: 396806]
  • 7363 —  S.S.Fedotov, R.Drevinskas, S.V.Lotarev, A.S.Lipatiev, M.Beresna, A.Cerkauskaite, V.N.Sigaev, P.G.KazanskyDirect writing of birefringent elements by ultrafast laser nanostructuring in multicomponent glass
    Applied Physics Letters 2016 Vol.108(71905) pp.1-4
       [ePrint: 390350]
  • 7223 —  M.Beresna, R.Drevinskas, J.Zhang, M.Gecevičius, P.G.KazanskyEngineering anisotropy in glass with ultrafast laser assisted nanostructuring
    Frontiers in Optics San Jose, CA 18-22 Oct 2015 FTu5E.2
       [ePrint: 384264]
  • 7222 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, M.Khenkin, Andrey G.Kazanskii, Oleg I.Konkov, Yuri P.Svirko, P.G.KazanskyFemtosecond Laser Printed Microoptics in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
    European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Munich 21-25 Jun 2015 CK_14_4
       [ePrint: 384263]
  • 7221 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Gecevičius, M.Beresna, P.G.KazanskyFemtosecond Laser Nanostructuring for High-Topological Charge Vortex Tweezers with Continuously Tunable Orbital Angular Momentum
    European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Munich 21-25 Jun 2015 ECBO_2_3
       [ePrint: 384262]
  • 7220 —  M.Beresna, R.Drevinskas, A.S.Lipatiev, S.S.Fedotov, S.V.Lotarev, V.N.Sigaev, P.G.KazanskyFunctional Birefringent Elements Imprinted by Femtosecond Laser Nanostructuring of Multi-Component Glass
    European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Munich 21-25 Jun 2015 CM_6_3
       [ePrint: 384261]
  • 7214 —  P.Chervinskii, R.Drevinskas, D.V.Karpov, M.Beresna, A.A.Lipovskii, Yu P.Svirko, P.G.KazanskyRevealing the nanoparticles aspect ratio in the glass-metal nanocomposites irradiated with femtosecond laser
    Scientific Reports 2015 Vol.5 pp.1-10 Art.No.13746
       [ePrint: 384150]
  • 7212 —  J.Zhang, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, P.KazanskyPolarization sensitive anisotropic structuring of silicon by ultrashort light pulses
    Applied Physics Letters 2015 Vol.107 pp.041114
       [ePrint: 383305]
  • 7191 —  P.G.Kazansky, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, J.Zhang, R.Drevinskas, A.Patel, A.Cerkauskaite, A.S.Lipatiev, A.G.Okhrimchuk, V.N.SigaevAdvances in Femtosecond Laser Nanostructuring in Glass: From Printed Geometrical Phase Optics to Eternal Data Storage
    Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference Berlin 4-9 Oct 2015 AW1A.4
       [ePrint: 383617]
  • 7125 —  S.Chervinskii, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, A.A.Lipovskii, P.G.KazanskyGlass-metal nanocomposite modification by femtosecond laser irradiation
    Northern Optics & Photonics 2015 (NOP '15) Lappeenranta, Finland 2-4 Jun 2015 Poster
       [ePrint: 378799]
  • 7123 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, M.Khenkin, A.G.Kazanskii, I.Matulaitienė, G.Niaura, O.I.Konkov, E.I.Terukov, Y.P.SvirkoGiant birefringence and dichroism induced by ultrafast laser pulses in hydrogenated amorphous silicon
    Applied Physics Letters 2015 Vol.106(17) pp.171106
       [ePrint: 378660]
  • 7122 —  M.V.Khenkin, D.V.Amasev, A.O.Dudnik, A.V.Emelyanov, P.A.Forsh, A.G.Kazanskii, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, P.G.KazanskyEffect of Laser Wavelength on Structure and Photoelectric Properties of a-Si: H Films Crystallized by Femtosecond Laser Pulses
    Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics 2015 Vol.9(6) pp.728-733
       [ePrint: 378661]
  • 7077 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Gecevičius, M.Beresna, Y.Bellouard, P.G.KazanskyTailored surface birefringence by femtosecond laser assisted wet etching
    Optics Express 2015 Vol.23(2) pp.1428-1437
       [ePrint: 378394]
  • 7075 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, A.G.Kazanskii, O.I.Konkov, Y.P.Svirko, P.G.KazanskyRadially polarized optical vortex micro-converters imprinted by femtosecond laser nanostructuring in amorphous silicon
    CLEO San Jose, CA 10-15 May 2015 AM2K.3
       [ePrint: 378801]
  • 7074 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Gecevičius, M.Beresna, P.G.KazanskyHigh-topological charge vortex tweezers with continuous control of orbital angular momentum by ultrafast laser machining
    CLEO San Jose, CA 10-15 May 2015 STu1L.2
       [ePrint: 378805]
  • 7073 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, M.Khenkin, A.G.Kazanskii, O.I.Konkov, P.G.KazanskyPolarization sensitive printing by ultrafast laser nanostructuring in amorphous silicon
    CLEO San Jose, CA 10-15 May 2015 SF2I.4
       [ePrint: 378806]
  • 7124 —  S.Chervinskii, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, A.A.Lipovskii, P.G.KazanskyDichroic Reflectance and Transmittance of Glass-Metal Nanocomposite Modified by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation
    XII International Conference on Nanostructured Materials (NANO '14) Moscow, Russia 13-18 Jul 2014 Poster    [ePrint: 384202]
  • 7076 —  M.Gecevičius, M.Beresna, R.Drevinskas, P.G.KazanskyAiry beams generated by ultrafast laser-imprinted space-variant nanostructures in glass
    Optics Letters 2014 Vol.39(24) pp.6791-6794
       [ePrint: 378395]
  • 6563 —  M.Beresna, A.G.Kazanskii, A.V.Emelyanov, P.A.Forsh, M.V.Khenkin, E.I.Terukov, M.Gecevičius, R.Drevinskas, P.G.KazanskyAmorphous hydrogenated silicon modified by femtosecond laser radiation for photovoltaics
    Sixth International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications (ICOOPMA '14) Leeds, UK 27 Jul - 1 Aug 2014
       [ePrint: 380752]
  • 6520 —  M.Gecevičius, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, P.G.KazanskySingle beam optical vortex tweezers with tunable orbital angular momentum
    Applied Physics Letters 2014 Vol.104(23) pp.231110
       [ePrint: 367083]
  • 6516 —  J.Zhang, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, P.G.KazanskyPolarization-sensitive cat's eye structuring of silicon by ultrashort light pulses
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO): Science and Innovations San Jose 8-13 Jun 2014 STh1J.3
       [ePrint: 367851]
  • 6515 —  J.Zhang, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, P.G.KazanskySilicon microreflector created by single ultrafast laser pulse
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO '14): Applications and Technology San Jose 8-13 Jun 2014 JTh2A.138
       [ePrint: 367852]
  • 6513 —  M.Gecevičius, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, P.G.KazanskyOptical tweezers with tunable orbital angular momentum
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO '14): Science and Innovations San Jose 8-13 Jun 2014 JTh2A.32
       [ePrint: 368242]
  • 6511 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Gecevičius, M.Beresna, Y.Bellouard, P.G.KazanskyNanotexturing of glass surface by ultrafast laser assisted wet etching
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO '14): Applications and Technology San Jose 8-13 Jun 2014 AM1L.2 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 368310]
  • 6032 —  R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, O.Deparis, P.G.KazanskyLaser assisted modification of poled silver-doped nanocomposite soda-lime glass
    Progress in ultrafast laser modifications of materials Corsica 15-20 Apr 2013 Poster
       [ePrint: 364411]
  • 5974 —  A.Patel, M.Gecevičius, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, P.G.KazanskyUnambiguous evidence of two plasmon decay during ultrafast laser writing in glass
    CLEO/Europe-IQEC 2013 Munich 12-16 May 2013
       [ePrint: 364421]
  • 5941 —  A.Patel, M.Gecevičius, R.Drevinskas, M.Beresna, P.G.Kazansky3/2 harmonic generation - the clue to the mechanism of ultrafast laser nanostructuring
    CLEO '13 San Jose, CA Jun 9-14 2013 CM2M.2
       [ePrint: 364993]
  • 5940 —  P.G.Kazansky, M.Beresna, M.Gecevičius, J.Zhang, A.Patel, R.Drevinskas, A.KazanskiiRecent progress in ultrafast laser nanostructuring: from two-plasmon decay to longitudinal field puzzle
    Nonlinear Optics Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA Jul 21-26 2013 NF2A.4
       [ePrint: 364998]

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