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Michal Odstrčil

tel: +44 23 8059 9253

Postgraduate student (from 2013)

There are 16 publications in ORC database for 'Odstrčil'

  • 7696 —  T.Odstrčil, T.Putterich, M.Odstrčil, A.Gude, V.Igochine, U.StrothOptimized tomography methods for plasma emissivity reconstruction at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
    Review of Scientific Instruments 2016 Vol.87(123505) pp.1-17
       [ePrint: 405703]
  • 7513 —  H.Kim, P.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, M.Miszczak, L.Juschkin, W.S.Brocklesby, J.FreyLloyd's mirror interference lithography with EUV radiation from a high-harmonic source
    Applied Physics Express 2016 Vol.9(7) pp.076701
       [ePrint: 399387]
  • 7502 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, C.B.E.Gawith, R.Vrcelj, J.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyNonlinear ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(18) pp.20245-20252
       [ePrint: 398234]
  • 7348 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, S.Boden, R.Card, J.Chad, J.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyPtychographic coherent diffractive imaging with orthogonal probe relaxation
    Optics Express 2016 Vol.24(8) pp.8360-8369
       [ePrint: 389575]
  • 7316 —  P.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, H.Kim, S.Boden, J.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyWide-field broadband EUV transmission ptychography using a high harmonic source
    Optics Letters 2016 Vol.41(7) pp.1317-1320
       [ePrint: 387233]
  • 7314 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, H.Kim, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyCoherent diffractive imaging with laboratory scale EUV sources
    EXTATIC Welcome Week Southampton, UK 11-15 Jan 2016 (Talk)
       [ePrint: 387912]
  • 7342 —  P.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, W.S.Brocklesby, J.FreyXUV ptychographic imaging using a high harmonic source
    Lasers for Science Facility User Meeting Abingdon 2015    [ePrint: 388166]
  • 7256 —  D.Rudolf, J.Bu▀mann, M.Odstrčil, M.Dong, K.Bergmann, S.Danylyuk, L.JuschkinInterferometric broadband Fourier spectroscopy with a partially coherent gas-discharge extreme ultraviolet light source
    Optics Letters 2015 Vol.40(12) pp.2818-2821
       [ePrint: 386332]
  • 7238 —  M.Odstrčil, J.Bu▀mann, D.Rudolf, R.Bresenitz, J.Miao, W.Brocklesby, L.JuschkinPtychographic imaging with a compact gas-discharge plasma extreme ultraviolet light source
    Optics Letters 2015 Vol.40(23) pp.5574-5577
       [ePrint: 382892]
  • 7194 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, H.Kim, S.A.Boden, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyUltra-broadband ptychography with self-consistent coherence estimation from a high harmonic source
    X-Ray Lasers and Coherent X-Ray Sources San Diego, CA 9-13 Aug 2015 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 382926]
  • 7181 —  Peter D.Baksh, M.Odstrčil, W.S.Brocklesby, S.BodenTowards laser driven table-top coherent diffractive X-ray microscopy of cultured hippocampal neurons
    BIO-NANO-Photonics 2015 Cardiff 7-9 Sep 2015 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 382273]
  • 7014 —  M.Odstrčil, P.D.Baksh, S.A.Boden, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyLaser Driven Table-top Coherent EUV Source for High Resolution Diffractive Microscopy
    Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography 2015 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 388034]
  • 7003 —  M. Odstrčil, M.Parson, W.S.Brocklesby, J.G.FreyNonlinear Coherent Diffractive Imaging (CDI)
    Lasers for Science Facility User Meeting 28-30 Apr 2015 (Talk)    [ePrint: 388035]
  • 6834 —  M.Odstrčil, J.Bu▀mann, D.Rudolf, R.Bresenitz, P.Baksh, L.Juschkin, W.S.BrocklesbyCoherent diffractive imaging with laboratory EUV sources
    International Workshop on Advances in X Ray Imaging Trieste, Italy 10-12 Dec 2014 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 388037]
  • 6827 —  M. Odstrčil, P.Baksh, J.G.Frey, W.S.BrocklesbyCoherent diffractive imaging with lower coherence laboratory sources
    Training school in advanced X-ray spatial and temporal metrology Dubrovnik, Croatia 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2014 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 388040]
  • 6786 —  M.Odstrčil, P.Baksh, W.S.BrocklesbyCoherent Diffraction Imaging using Laboratory Light Sources
    EXTATIC Welcome Week Workshop Warsaw, Poland 26-30 Jun 2014
       [ePrint: 388045]

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