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Martin Nunez Velazquez

tel: +44 23 8059 9254

Postgraduate student (from 2012)

Member of groups

There are 12 publications in ORC database for 'Nuñez Velazquez'

  • 7657 —  J.K.Sahu, N.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, M.Nunez VelazquezAmplifier and laser demonstrations in bi-doped silica optical fibers
    International Conference on Fibre Optics and Photonics Kanpur, India 2016 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 404360]
  • 7550 —  N.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, M.Nunez Velazquez, J.SahuBi-doped fiber amplifiers: optical properties, challenges and applications
    XXIst International Summer School Krutyn, Poland 4-10 Sep 2016
       [ePrint: 400751]
  • 7549 —  N.Thipparapu, A.Umnikov, P.Barua, M.Nunez Velazquez, J.SahuA review on our latest amplifier and laser demonstrations by Bi-doped fibers
    International Training School on Fiber Lasers & Optical Fiber Technology Poster Prague 30 Aug - 1 Sep 2016
       [ePrint: 400752]
  • 7390 —  D.Jain, S-U.Alam, Yongmin Jung, P.Barua, M.Nuñez Velazquez, J.K.SahuHighly efficient Yb-free Er-La-Al doped ultra-low Na large mode area single-trench fiber laser
    SPIE LASE 2016 San Francisco 13-18 Feb 2016
       [ePrint: 393726]
  • 7460 —  E.Serrano Perez, M.A.Nuñez Velazquez, F.Juárez LopezA numerical analysis of a MOCVD process for the growth of GaN nanowires using GaCl3 and NH3
    Physica Status Solidi C: Current Topics in Solid State Physics 2015 Vol.12(4-5) pp.389-393
       [ePrint: 398176]
  • 7189 —  D.Jain, S-U.Alam, J.K.Sahu, Yongmin Jung, P.Barua, M.Nuñez VelazquezHighly efficient Yb-free Er-La-Al doped ultra low NA large mode area single-trench fiber laser
    Optics Express 2015 Vol.23(22) pp.28282-28827
       [ePrint: 382669]
  • 7106 —  M.O.Berendt, J.Spurrell, P.Barua, A.A.Umnikov, M.Nuñez Velazquez, J.K.Sahu, S.U.Alam, D.J.Richardson5mJ pulsed Yb-doped all-fiber MOPA seeded by 0.2nm spectrally sliced super luminescent diode
    CLEO/Europe 2015 - European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Munich 21-25 Jun 2015
       [ePrint: 378599]
  • 6750 —  M.A.Nuñez Velazquez, F.Juárez LopezInvestigations into the Growth of GaN Nanowires by MOCVD Using Azidotrimethylsilane as Nitrogen Source
    Advanced Materials Research 2014 Vol.875-877 pp.1483-1489 in Chapter 5: 'Materials Manufacturing and Processing' edited by Duanling Li, Dawei Zheng and Jun Shi, Scientific.Net : Trans Tech Publications Inc.
       [ePrint: 398341]
  • 6734 —  D.Jain, Y.Jung, M.Nuñez Velazquez, J.K.SahuExtending single mode performance of all-solid large-mode-area single trench fiber
    Optics Express 2014 Vol.22(25) pp.31078-31091
       [ePrint: 375070]
  • 6569 —  J.Cajzl, P.Peterka, P.Honzátko, J.Mrázek, O.Podrazký, F.Todorov, P.Gladkov, J.K.Sahu, M.Nuñez Velazquez, P.Nekvindová, I.KašíkCharacterization of fluorescence lifetime of Tm-doped fibers with increased quantum conversion efficiency
    SPIE Photonics, Devices, and Systems VI Prague 27 Aug 2014
       [ePrint: 398658]
  • 6558 —  S.Jain, J.B.Duchez, Y.Mebrouk, M.A.Nuñez Velazquez, F.Mady, B.Dussardier, M.Benabdesselam, J.K.SahuThermally-stimulated emission analysis of Bismuth-doped Silica fibers
    Optical Materials Express 2014 Vol.4(7) pp.1361-1366
       [ePrint: 367721]
  • 6585 —  M.A.Nuñez VelazquezPhotoluminescence characterization of ZnS nanowires grown via colloid suspension
    Symposium 9, Photovoltaics, Solar Energy Materials & Technologies at the XX International Materials Research Congress Cancun Mexico 14-19 Aug 2011 Poster    [ePrint: 398736]

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