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Milan Milosević

tel: +44 23 8059

Research Fellow

There are 15 publications in ORC database for 'Milošević'

  • 7812 —  G.T.Reed, M.Milošević, X.Chen, D.ThomsonTrimming of ring resonators via ion implantation in silicon
    Integrated Optics: Physics and Simulations III Prague 24 Apr 2017
       [ePrint: 411208]
  • 6565 —  I.F.Crowe, N.Clark, S.Hussein, B.Towlson, E.Whittaker, M.M.Milošević, F.Y.Gardes, G.Z.Mashanovich, M.P.Halsall, A.VijayaraghavenDetermination of the quasi-TE mode (in-plane) graphene linear absorption coefficient via integration with silicon-on-insulator racetrack cavity resonators
    Optics Express 2014 Vol.22(15) pp.18625-18632
       [ePrint: 367458]
  • 7244 —  G.Z.Mashanovich, M.M.Milošević, S.Zlatanović, F.Gholami, N.Alic, S.Radic, Z.Ikonić, R.W.Kelsall, G.RoelkensLong-Wavelength Photonic Circuits
    Handbook of Silicon Photonics 2013 pp.249-286
       [ePrint: 386380]
  • 6099 —  G.Z.Mashanovich, M.Nedeljković, M.M.Milošević, Y.Hu, T.M.Ben Masaud, E.Jaberansary, X.Chen, M.Strain, M.Sorel, A.C.Peacock, H.M.H.Chong, G.T.ReedMid-infrared photonics devices in SOI
    SPIE Photonics West San Francisco 2-7 Feb 2013 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 361302]
  • 5899 —  E.Jaberansary, T.M.Ben Masaud, M.Nedeljković, M.M.Milošević, G.Z.Mashanovich, H.M.H.ChongScattering loss estimation using 2D Fourier analysis and modelling of sidewall roughness on optical waveguides
    IEEE Photonics Journal 2013 Vol.5(3) pp.6601010
       [ePrint: 350795]
  • 6546 —  F.Y.Gardes, D.J.Thomson, Y.Hu, M.M.Milošević, R.Topley, P.Thomas, G.T.Reed, L.O'Faolain, K.Debnath, T.F.Krauss, L.J.Lever, R.W.Kelsall, Z.Ikonić, J.J.Ackert, A.P.Knights, X-C.Liu, M.Myronov, A.Dobbie, R.J.Morris, D.R.LeadleyHigh speed silicon optical modulation using the silicon-on-insulator platform
    SPIE Photonics West 2012 San Francisco, USA, 21-26 Jan 2012    [ePrint: 382794]
  • 6100 —  G.Z.Mashanovich, M.Nedeljković, M.M.Milošević, M.Sorel, T.F.Krauss, A.C.Peacock, H.M.H.Chong, G.T.ReedMid-infrared silicon photonics devices
    Photonics Global Conference Singapore 13-16 Dec 2012 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 361200]
  • 5765 —  M.M.Milošević, M.Nedeljković, T.-B.Masaud, E.Jaberansary, H.M.H.Chong, N.G.Emerson, G.T.Reed, G.Z.MashanovichSilicon waveguides and devices for the mid-infrared
    Applied Physics Letters 2012 Vol.101 pp.121105
       [ePrint: 349391]
  • 6540 —  G.Z.Mashanovich, F.Y.Gardes, D.J.Thomson, Y.Hu, R.Loiacono, N.Owens, M.M.Milošević, M.Nedeljković, A.N.Ahmed, P.Thomas, R.Topley, G.T.ReedSilicon optical modulators for supercomputing and optical communications
    Telekomunikacije 2011 Vol.(7) (Invited)
       [ePrint: 367912]
  • 5482 —  M.M.Milošević, N.G.Emerson, F.Y.Gardes, X.Chen, A.A.D.T.Adikaari, G.Z.MashanovichAthermal waveguides for optical communication wavelengths
    Optics Letters 2011 Vol.36(23) pp.4659-4661
       [ePrint: 337779]
  • 5480 —  G.Z.Mashanovich, M.M.Milošević, M.Nedeljković, N.Owens, B.Xiong, E.J.Teo, Y.HuLow loss silicon waveguides for the mid-infrared
    Optics Express 2011 Vol.19(8) pp.7112-7119
       [ePrint: 337784]
  • 5964 —  M.M.Milošević, P.S.Matavulj, P.Y.Yang, A.Bagolini, G.Z.MashanovichRib waveguides for mid-infrared silicon photonics
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 2009 Vol.26(9) pp.1760-1766 Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, UK
       [ePrint: 356474]
  • 5959 —  M.M.Milošević, P.S.Matavulj, B.D.Timotijević, G.T.Reed, G.Z.MashanovichDesign rules for single mode and polarization independent SOI rib waveguides using stress engineering
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2008 Vol.26(13) pp.1840-1846 Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, UK
       [ePrint: 356482]
  • 5954 —  G.Z.Mashanovich, M.M.Milošević, P.S.Matavulj, S.Stanković, B.D.Timotijević, P.Y.Yang, E.J.Teo, M.B.H.Breese, A.A.Bettiol, G.T.ReedSilicon photonic waveguides for different wavelength regions
    Semiconductor Science and Technology 2008 Vol.23(6) pp.64002 Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, UK
       [ePrint: 356501]
  • 5950 —  S.Stanković, M.M.Milošević, B.D.Timotijević, P.Y.Yang, E.J.Teo, J.Crnjanski, P.S.Matavulj, G.Z.MashanovichSilicon photonic waveguides for near- and mid-infrared regions
    Acta Physica Polonica A 2007 Vol.112(5) pp.1019-1024 Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, UK
       [ePrint: 356510]

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