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Lieke Dorine Van Putten

tel: +44 23 8059 3954

Postgraduate student (from 2014)

Member of groups

There are 4 publications in ORC database for 'Van Putten'

  • 7665 —  L.Van Putten, E.Numkam Fokoua, S.M.Abokhamis Mousavi, W.Belardi, S.Chaudhuri, J.V.Badding, F.PolettiExploring the effect of the core boundary curvature in hollow antiresonant fibers
    Photonic Technology Letters 2016 Vol.29(2) pp.263-266
       [ePrint: 404862]
  • 7661 —  L.Van Putten, E.Numkam Fokoua, F.Poletti, W.Belardi, M.Abokhamis MousaviOptimizing the curvature of elliptical cladding elements to reduce leakage loss in antiresonant hollow core fibres
    42nd European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications (ECOC '16) Dusseldorf 18-22 Sep 2016 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 397172]
  • 7572 —  S.Chaudhuri, L.Van Putten, F.Poletti, P.J.SazioLow loss transmission in negative curvature optical fibers with elliptical capillary tubes
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 2016 Vol.34(18) pp.4228-4231
       [ePrint: 401496]
  • 7453 —  M.Posner, P.V.John, D.Standen, N.V.Wheeler, L.D.Van Putten, N.Soper, T.L.Parsonage, N.H.L.Wong, G.BrambillaReflecting photonics: reaching new audiences through new partnerships - IYL 2015 and the Royal Horticultural Society flower show
    SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications Symposium- Optics Education and Outreach IV San Diego 28 Aug - 1 Sep 2016 Paper: 994603
       [ePrint: 401870]

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