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Dr Katrina Morgan

tel: +44 23 8059 2699

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About Dr Katrina Morgan

Katrina joined the ORC at the University of Southampton as a Research Fellow in 2016 after obtaining a CASE Award PhD at the school of Electronics and Computer Science Department to undertake research on radiation effects and reliability of dielectrics in CMOS transistors and resistive memories. Katrina’s current work is based upon advanced chalcogenide 2D and thin films for a wide variety of opto and electronic applications. Katrina is involved in many large national collaborations, working closely with universities and industries across the country. She received her MPhys in Physics from the University of Sussex in 2011 and has presented her research in Parliament, at two multi-discipline invited seminars and a special session. Her passion for public engagement led to an Impact Award for outreach and she is also Vice Chair of a university wide committee aimed at supporting women in STEM.

There are 8 publications in ORC database for 'Morgan, K.'

  • 7712 —  A.Ravagli, C.Craig, K.Morgan, I.Zeimpekis-Karakonstantinos, A.Aghajani, E.Weatherby, D.HewakStructural modification of Ga-La-S glass for a new family of chalcogenides
    SPIE DCS Defence and Security USA 9 - 13 Apr 2017    [ePrint: 404275]
  • 7705 —  C-C.Huang, N.Aspiotis, Q.Cui, G.Alzaidy, E.Weatherby, C.Craig, K.Morgan, I.Zeimpekis-Karakonstantinos, D.HewakChemical vapor deposition and Van der Waals epitaxy for wafer-scale emerging 2D transition metal di-chalcogenides
    2nd International Conference on Physics of 2D Crystals (ICP2C2) Viet Nam 25-30 Apr 2017    [ePrint: 404279]
  • 7652 —  Junqing Fan, L.Jiang, S.Wang, R.Huang, K.Morgan, Le Zhong, K.De GrootAmorphous SiC resistive memory with embedded Cu nanoparticles
    Microelectronic Engineering 2017 Vol.174 pp.1-5 [in special issue: Micro/Nano Devices and Systems Edited by Bernhard Jakoby and Roman Beigelbeck]
       [ePrint: 404055]
  • 7632 —  K.Morgan, X.Zheng, Y-L.Ho, M.P.C.Taverne, L.Chen, C-C.Huang, I.Zeimpekis, N.K.Aspiotis, J.G.Rarity, D.W.Hewak3D structures integrated with MoS2
    TMD-UK Bath 1-2 Sep 2016
       [ePrint: 403990]
  • 7544 —  Chung-Che Huang, G.Alzaidy, N.Aspiotis, Q.Cui, E.Weatherby, C.Craig, K.Morgan, I.Zeimpekis-Karakonstantinos, D.W.HewakEmerging CVD technology for functional chalcogenide mMaterials.
    Vacuum Symposium: Functional Thin Films Coventry 12-13 Oct 2016 (Invited)    [ePrint: 400303]
  • 7414 —  R.Huang, S.K.Sun, K.S.Kiang, K.A.Morgan, C.H.De GrootForming-free resistive switching of tunable ZnO films grown by atomic layer deposition
    Microelectronic Engineering 2016 Vol.161 pp.7-12
       [ePrint: 396538]
  • 7350 —  C.C.Huang, N.Aspiotis, G.Alzaidy, Q.Cui, E.Weatherby, K.Morgan, D.W.HewakAdvanced CVD technology for emerging transition metal di-chalcogenides
    Workshop on Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Materials and Photovoltaic Devices Brasilia 29-31 Mar 2016    [ePrint: 389840]
  • 7413 —  K.Morgan, K.De Groot, R.HuangThe effect of atomic layer deposition temperature on switching properties of HfOx resistive RAM devices
    IEEE International Symposium Melbourne 1-5 Jun 2014
       [ePrint: 396490]

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