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Dr Jaclyn Chan

tel: +44 23 8059 7230

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There are 10 publications in ORC database for 'Chan, J.'

  • 7609 —  N.Vukovic, J.Chan, P.Gorman, M.Petrovich, J.Hayes, A.Malinowski, C.Codemard, M.ZervasDesign and characterisation of SRS filtering optical fibre for pulsed fibre laser beam delivery
    SPIE Photonics West 2017 San Francisco 30 Jan - 1 Feb 2017 pp.2
       [ePrint: 402543]
  • 6395 —  G.Y.Chen, C.A.Codemard, R.J.Lewis, L.Jankowski, J.S.P.Chan, P.M.Gorman, M.N.ZervasEnhanced responsivity with skew ray excitation of reflection- and transmission-type refractometric sensors
    Optics Letters 2014 Vol.39(13) pp.3822-3825
       [ePrint: 366066]
  • 5526 —  J.S.P.ChanPower scaling concepts in fiber lasers and amplifiers
    PhD Thesis - Sep 2011 Supervisor: W.A.Clarkson
       [ePrint: 300420]
  • 5161 —  J.M.O.Daniel, J.S.P.Chan, J.W.Kim, J.K.Sahu, M.Ibsen, W.A.ClarksonNovel technique for mode selection in a multimode fiber laser
    Optics Express 2011 Vol.19(13) pp.12434-12439
       [ePrint: 191497]
  • 5104 —  J.S.P.Chan, J.M.O.Daniel, J.W.Kim, J.K.Sahu, W.A.ClarksonSingle mode operation of a large mode area thulium fibre laser using a novel wavelength selective mode filter
    4th EPS-QEOD Europhoton Conference Hamburg 29 Aug-3 Sep 2010 TuD2    [ePrint: 201569]
  • 4690 —  J.M.O.Daniel, J.S.P.Chan, J.W.Kim, M.Ibsen, J.K.Sahu, W.A.ClarksonNovel technique for mode selection in a large-mode-area fiber laser
    CLEO/QELS 2010 San Jose 16-21 May 2010 CWC5
       [ePrint: 340637]
  • 4053 —  J.S.P.Chan, P.Wang, J.K.Sahu, W.A.ClarksonImpact of modal interference on the output beam properties of large-core cladding-pumped fiber amplifiers
    CLEO/QELS 2008 San Jose 4-9 May 2008
       [ePrint: 54022]
  • 3797 —  L.Pearson, J.S.P.Chan, P.Wang, J.K.Sahu, W.A.ClarksonNovel approach for single-ended operation of a cladding-pumped fibre laser
    Applied Physics B 2007 Vol.87(1) pp.75-78
       [ePrint: 46866]
  • 3772 —  J.S.P.Chan, P.Wang, J.K.Sahu, W.A.ClarksonUltra-low feedback fibre end termination geometry for high power fibre source applications
    CLEO-Europe/IQEC 2007 Munich 17-22 Jun 2007 CJ-28-TUE
       [ePrint: 47787]
  • 3496 —  L.Pearson, J.S.P.Chan, P.Wang, W.A.ClarksonSimple scheme for single-ended operation of a cladding-pumped fiber laser
    2nd EPS-QEOD Europhoton Pisa 10-15 Sep 2006
       [ePrint: 47843]

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