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Dr. Joris Lousteau

tel: +44 23 8059 4531

Senior Research Fellow

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There are 11 publications in ORC database for 'Lousteau'

  • 7658 —  A.I.Konyukhov, E.A.Romanova, T.M.Benson, G.S.Athanasiou, J.Lousteau, G.Scarpignato, D.Pugliese, D.MilaneseEffect of submicron deformations on the transmission of all-solid photonic bandgap fibre
    Optical and Quantum Electronics 2016 Vol.48(544) pp.1-15
       [ePrint: 404603]
  • 7559 —  E.Ceci-Ginistrelli, D.Pugliese, N.Boetti, G.Novajra, A.Ambrosone, J.Lousteau, C.Vitale-Brovarone, S.Abrate, D.MilaneseNovel biocompatible and resorbable UV transparent phosphate glass based optical fiber
    Optical Materials Express 2016 Vol.6(6) pp.2040-2051
       [ePrint: 400773]
  • 7558 —  E.Ceci-Ginistrelli, J.Lousteau, D.Pugliese, N.Boetti, D.Gallichi-Nottiani, D.MilaneseNd3+ doped phosphate glass rods for pulsed laser applications
    24th International Congress on Glass Shanghai 7 - 11 Apr 2016
       [ePrint: 400781]
  • 7556 —  D.Pugliese, E.Ceci-Ginistrelli, N.G.Boetti, A.Ambrosone, J.Lousteau, D.MilaneseBioresorbable calcium-phosphate glasses for biophotonic applications
    International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) Trento, IT 10-14 Jul 2016 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 400785]
  • 7555 —  G.Novajra, N.G.Boetti, J.Lousteau, S.Fiorilli, D.Milanese, C.Vitale-BrovaronePhosphate glass fibre scaffolds: tailoring of the properties and enhancement of the bioactivity through mesoporous glass particles
    Materials Science and Engineering C 2016 Vol.67 pp.570-580
       [ePrint: 400775]
  • 7552 —  N.G.Boetti, E.Ceci-Ginistrelli, D.Pugliese, G.Novajra, C.Vitale-Brovarone, J.Lousteau, S.Abrate, D.MilaneseBioresorbable calcium-phosphate optical fiber
    Advanced Photonics: Specialty Optical Fibers Vancouver 18-20 Jul 2016 Poster
       [ePrint: 400784]
  • 7197 —  D.Pugliese, N.G.Boetti, J.Lousteau, E.Ceci-Ginistrelli, E.Bertone, F.Geobaldo, D.MilaneseConcentration quenching in an Er-doped phosphate glass for compact optical lasers and amplifiers
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2016 Vol.657 pp.678683
       [ePrint: 383687]
  • 7554 —  X.Jiang, N.Y.Joly, F.Babic, R.Sopalla, J.Lousteau, D.Milanese, J.C.Travers, P.St.J.RussellNovel microstructured fibres for supercontinuum generation
    Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and their Applications Kowloon, HK 4-6 Nov 2015 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 400782]
  • 7553 —  D.Milanese, J.Lousteau, D.Pugliese, P.Janicek, N.G.Boetti, E.Ceci-Ginistrelli, G.Demetriou, A.K.Kar, H.T.BookeyNovel tellurite core and cladding glasses for high numerical aperture optical fibre: prospects for a supercontinuum optical fibre source
    International Conference on Transparent Optical Network: ICTON Budapest 5-9 Jul 2015
       [ePrint: 400783]
  • 7551 —  N.Boetti, G.Scarpignato, J.Lousteau, D.Pugliese, L.Bastard, J-E.Broquin, D.MilaneseHigh concentration Yb-Er co-doped phosphate glass for optical fiber amplification
    Journal of Optics 2015 Vol.17(6) pp.1-7
       [ePrint: 400770]
  • 7228 —  W.Belardi, N.White, J.Lousteau, X.Feng, F.PolettiHollow core antiresonant fibers in borosilicate glass
    Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers Hong Kong 4-6 Nov 2015
       [ePrint: 384088]

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