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Jonathan Butement

tel: +44 23 8059 2959

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There are 9 publications in ORC database for 'Butement'

  • 7567 —  Jonathan ButementIntegrated optical microflow cytometer for bead-based immunoassays
    PhD Thesis - 2016 Supervisor: J.S.Wilkinson
       [ePrint: 400325]
  • 7501 —  J.Butement, H.Hunt, D.Rowe, N.Sessions, O.Clark, P.Hua, G.S.Murugan, J.Chad, J.S.WilkinsonIntegrated optical waveguides and inertial focussing microfluidics in silica for microflow cytometry applications
    Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2016 pp.1-19
       [ePrint: 398140]
  • 6974 —  V.Mittal, A.Aghajani, L.G.Carpenter, J.C.Gates, J.Butement, P.G.R.Smith, J.S.Wilkinson, G.S.MuruganFabrication and characterization of high-contrast mid-infrared GeTe4 channel waveguides
    Optics Letters 2015 Vol.40(9) pp.2016-2019
       [ePrint: 376814]
  • 6319 —  C.L.Sones, I.N.Katis, P.J.W.He, B.Mills, A.Mosayyebi, J.Butement, M.Feinäugle, R.W.EasonLaser-based printing and patterning for biological applications
    International Workshop on the Fabrication and Application of Microstructured Optical Devices Keio University, Hiyoshi Campus, Yokohama, Japan 27-28 Feb 2014 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 362775]
  • 6247 —  C.L.Sones, I.N.Katis, B.Mills, M.Feinäugle, A.Mosayyebi, J.Butement, R.W.EasonRapid and mask-less laser-processing technique for the fabrication of microstructures in polydimethylsiloxane
    Applied Surface Science 2014 Vol.298 pp.125-129
       [ePrint: 362748]
  • 6219 —  J.T.G.Butement, H.C.Hunt, D.J.Rowe, A.Karabchevsky, P.Hua, G.S.Murugan, O.Clark, C.Holmes, L.G.Carpenter, J.C.Gates, P.G.R.Smith, J.E.Chad, J.S.WilkinsonA microflow cytometer for microsphere-based immunoassays using integrated optics and inertial particle focussing
    Biosensors '14 Melbourne 27-30 May 2014
       [ePrint: 366101]
  • 5781 —  C.L.Sones, I.N.Katis, B.Mills, M.Feinäugle, A.Mosayyebi, J.Butement, R.W.EasonRapid, low-cost patterning of microstructures in polydimethylsiloxane via mask-less laser-machining
    CLEO/Europe-IQEC 2013 Munich 12-16 May 2013 CM-P.25 (Poster)
       [ePrint: 367789]
  • 5780 —  C.L.Sones, I.N.Katis, B.Mills, M.Feinäugle, A.Mosayyebi, J.Butement, R.W.EasonMask-less laser-machining for rapid low-cost patterning of microstructures in polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
    E-MRS '13 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting Strasbourg 27-31 May 2013
       [ePrint: 367790]
  • 5461 —  L.M.Braddick, P.J.Garland, M.F.Praeger, J.Butement, D.Friedrich, D.J.Morgan, T.MelvinUniform aligned bioconjugation of biomolecule motifs for integration within microfabricated microfluidic devices
    Analytical Biochemistry 2012 Vol.424(2) pp.195-205
       [ePrint: 337288]

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