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tel: +44 23 8059 5169

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Ed Weatherby is the Facility Technical Manager for the Novel Glass and Fibre facility. He is responsible for the infrastructure within the glass melting and fibre drawing laboratories and supports research projects on a day to day basis. Ed is responsible for the planning, design and manufacture of prototype process equipment, as well as long term maintenance including process gases, fume extract and laboratory safety. He is currently overseeing a major upgrade of the entire gas delivery system within the group facility. Ed has been a member of technical support at the ORC since 1996. In 2011 he took on the role of overall technical management of the group facility.

There are 13 publications in ORC database for 'Weatherby'

  • 7712 —  A.Ravagli, C.Craig, K.Morgan, I.Zeimpekis-Karakonstantinos, A.Aghajani, E.Weatherby, D.HewakStructural modification of Ga-La-S glass for a new family of chalcogenides
    SPIE DCS Defence and Security USA 9 - 13 Apr 2017    [ePrint: 404275]
  • 7705 —  C-C.Huang, N.Aspiotis, Q.Cui, G.Alzaidy, E.Weatherby, C.Craig, K.Morgan, I.Zeimpekis-Karakonstantinos, D.HewakChemical vapor deposition and Van der Waals epitaxy for wafer-scale emerging 2D transition metal di-chalcogenides
    2nd International Conference on Physics of 2D Crystals (ICP2C2) Viet Nam 25-30 Apr 2017    [ePrint: 404279]
  • 7591 —  D.W.Hewak, P.Bastock, C.Craig, C.C.Huang, K.Khan, A.Ravagli, E.WeatherbyNext generation chalcogenide glasses for visible and IR imaging
    SPIE Security + Defence and Remote Sensing Edinburgh 26-29 Sep 2016
       [ePrint: 401683]
  • 7544 —  Chung-Che Huang, G.Alzaidy, N.Aspiotis, Q.Cui, E.Weatherby, C.Craig, K.Morgan, I.Zeimpekis-Karakonstantinos, D.W.HewakEmerging CVD technology for functional chalcogenide mMaterials.
    Vacuum Symposium: Functional Thin Films Coventry 12-13 Oct 2016 (Invited)    [ePrint: 400303]
  • 7350 —  C.C.Huang, N.Aspiotis, G.Alzaidy, Q.Cui, E.Weatherby, K.Morgan, D.W.HewakAdvanced CVD technology for emerging transition metal di-chalcogenides
    Workshop on Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Materials and Photovoltaic Devices Brasilia 29-31 Mar 2016    [ePrint: 389840]
  • 7033 —  G.Demetriou, F.Thorburn, A.Lancaster, C.Craig, E.Weatherby, D.W.Hewak, A.K.KarFluorescence in erbium doped gallium lanthanum sulphide: potential for mid-IR waveguide laser
    CLEO '15 San Jose, CA 10-15 May 2015 STh1G.2
       [ePrint: 379009]
  • 7031 —  C.C.Huang, G.A.Alzaidy, N.Aspiotis, E.C.Weatherby, S.Wang, J.Walker, Z.Jiang, D.W.HewakFabrication of tin sulphide and emerging transition metal di-chalcogenides by CVD
    The 2nd China-United States Symposium on Energy Shanghai 26-28 Jun 2015
       [ePrint: 382001]
  • 6883 —  P.Bastock, C.Craig, K.Khan, E.Weatherby, J.Yao, D.W.HewakProperties of gallium lanthanum sulphide glass
    CLEO '15 San Jose, CA 10-15 May 2015
       [ePrint: 379462]
  • 6661 —  C.C.Huang, N.K.Aspiotis, E.C.Weatherby, D.W.HewakAdvanced CVD technology for large area graphene and 2D transition metal di-chalcogenides
    Graphene & 2-D Materials Conference, From Research to Applications NPL Teddington 12-13 Nov 2014
       [ePrint: 379295]
  • 6446 —  D.W.Hewak, K.C.C.Huang, K.Khan, P.Bastock, C.Craig, E.WeatherbyManufacturing high purity chalcogenide glass
    Society of Glass Technology Annual Meeting (Theme: From Ancient Glass to Modern Techniques) University of Durham, UK 10-12 Sep 2014 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 370150]
  • 6418 —  D.W.Hewak, C.C.Huang, J.Yao, K.Khan, P.Bastock, F.Al-Saab, B.Gholipour, J.Maddock, E.Weatherby, C.Craig, K.F.MacDonald, N.I.Zheludev, Y.G.Fedorenko, M.A.Hughes, R.M.Gwilliam, K.P.Homewood, R.J.CurryPreparation of chalcogenide materials for next generation optoelectronic devices
    Advanced Architectures in Photonics '14 Prague, Czech Republic 21-22 Sep 2014 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 370151]
  • 5717 —  P.Bastock, C.Craig, E.Weatherby, K.Khan, D.W.HewakAdvancing the applications of chalcogenide glass for infrared power transmission
    SPIE Security & Defence (Technologies for Optical Countermeasures) Dresden, Germany 23-26 Sept 2013 Paper 8898-11 (Invited)    [ePrint: 383270]
  • 1881 —  D.Brady, N.Fagan, D.W.J.Harwood, M.J.Hesford, D.Hewak, B.Hudson, R.C.Moore, D.N.Payne, T.Schweizer, E.R.Taylor, J.A.Tucknott, C.J.Voyce, E.Weatherby, Y.WestOptical amplifiers and lasers in infrared fibres
    Infrared Optical Fibres and Their Applications Boston 21-22 Sep 1999
       [ePrint: 76505]

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