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Davide Piccinotti

tel: +44 23 8059 4531


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There are 3 publications in ORC database for 'Piccinotti'

  • 7704 —  B.Gholipour, D.Piccinotti, J.Yao, A.Karvounis, J.Yin, C.Soci, B.Hayden, K.F.MacDonald, N.I.ZheludevAll-chalcogenide plasmonic and dielectric phase-change metadevices
    MRS Spring Meeting USA 17-21 Apr 2017    [ePrint: 401587]
  • 7663 —  A.Karvounis, D.Piccinotti, A.Xomalis, H.Zhang, V.Savinov, B.Gholipour, Yongmin Jung, A.C.Peacock, E.Plum, K.F.MacDonald, D.J.Richardson, N.I.ZheludevActive metadevices on optical fiber Active metadevices on optical fiber platforms
    MRS Spring Meeting 2017 Phoenix 17-21 Apr 2017    [ePrint: 404827]
  • 7030 —  A.Karvounis, J.Y.Ou, D.Piccinotti, E.Plum, K.F.MacDonald, N.I.ZheludevNano-optomechanical dielectric metasurfaces reconfigurable with light
    MRS Fall Meeting Boston, MA 29 Nov - 4 Dec 2015 (Invited)
       [ePrint: 383965]

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