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Arifa Nazir Ahmed

tel: +44 23 8059 2697

Postgraduate student (from 2013)

Member of groups

About Arifa Nazir Ahmed, BEng

Arifa completed her Bachelor honours degree in Electronic Engineering with1st class. She found her inclination towards research, during her work placement at ST Microelectronics for which she was awarded AUS with distinction for her valuable contribution towards their project. After completing her degree, she started PhD under the supervision of Professor Graham Reed at University of Surrey and is currently completing her PhD at University of Southampton. The aim of the project is to design the electrodes of high speed modulator in silicon photonics, which will enhance the performance of the high speed modulator further. She is also the member of UK Silicon Photonics consortium.

There are 3 publications in ORC database for 'Ahmed, A.'

  • 7320 —  A.AhmedElectrode design for high speed silicon optical modulator
    PhD Thesis - 2015 Supervisor: G.T.Reed
       [ePrint: 387199]
  • 6541 —  G.T.Reed, G.Z.Mashanovich, F.Y.Gardes, D.J.Thomson, Y.Hu, J.Soler Penadés, M.Nedeljković, A.Z.Khokhar, P.Thomas, C.G.Littlejohns, A.Ahmed, S.A.Reynolds, R.Topley, C.Mitchell, S.Stanković, P.R.Wilson, L.Ke, T.M.Ben Masaud, A.Tarazona, H.M.H.ChongSilicon photonic devices for the near - and mid-infrared wavelength ranges
    Mediterranean Photonics Conference Trani, Italy 7-9 May 2014 (Invited)    [ePrint: 384227]
  • 6540 —  G.Z.Mashanovich, F.Y.Gardes, D.J.Thomson, Y.Hu, R.Loiacono, N.Owens, M.M.Milošević, M.Nedeljković, A.N.Ahmed, P.Thomas, R.Topley, G.T.ReedSilicon optical modulators for supercomputing and optical communications
    Telekomunikacije 2011 Vol.(7) (Invited)
       [ePrint: 367912]

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