ORC and Nano

PhD Projects:

Multifunctional monolayers

Supervisor: Dr Pier Sazio 
Co-supervisors: Sakellaris Mailis, Dan Hewak

The remarkable properties of two dimensional monolayer materials have seen burgeoning interest of late due to the rich vein of device physics that can be mined from them.

The promise of a new breed of very high performance semiconductor devices could revolutionise application in photodetection, electroluminescence, and transistors architectures. Nevertheless, such applications typically demand robust engineering solutions that build on incumbent technologies such as ULSI of nanoelectronics and photonics at the wafer-scale.

This PhD project will address a radically different approach to device fabrication in which the monolayer system itself becomes a readily tunable and reconfigurable electronic/optical breadboard. This project includes collaboration with the Novel Glass group (Prof Dan Hewak), developing and characterizing new 2D materials.

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