Learn about Photonics

If you're curious about what the ORC does, these articles should give you a clue. Most are aimed at a non-technical audience.


Holey Fibres

Why a fibre with lots of holes in the middle are refreshingly different, and also extremely useful!


Fibre Lasers

If you want a general introduction to what a laser is, and what is unusual about a fibre laser, this is the article for you.


Useful links and study resources

Library guide for the Optoelectronics Research Centre: Directs you to useful websites and key resources within the library and provides a gateway to the information which can enhance your work. 

The Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology: Comprehensive open access encyclopedia of over 600 articles on photonics, laser technology, fiber optics and general optics. 

The Web of Science: Science service for UK education providing a single route to all the Thomson Reuters products subscribed to by your institution. 

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