Advanced Laser Laboratory

The Advanced Laser Laboratory has been set up in collaboration with
SPI Lasers and Trumpf GmbH.

PhD Projects:

High Power Fibre Laser Dynamics

High performance, high power fibre lasers (FLs) are now well established as an extremely robust and reliable photon engine enabling a diverse number of demanding industrial and medical applications. Compared to rival technologies, such as CO2, LPSS, DPSS and disk lasers, FLs offer a number of unique characteristics resulting in their wide adoption in an increasing number of industrial sectors. In addition to enhancing existing applications, FLs have been very successful in enabling novel applications and thus continuing to increase their market share.

To continue this trend and further increase the FL functionality and stability, this project will consider in-depth the main issues related to power scaling in fibre lasers, especially mitigation of limiting non-linear effects such as SRS and SBS. Emphasis will be placed particularly in the study of dynamic effects related to output power stability and transverse modal instability.

The project comprises theoretical analysis and understanding of the output power dynamics of various practical FL systems, as well as, extensive experimental investigation of these effects. The project gives the opportunity to work closely with
SPI Lasers plc, a leading FL manufacturer that has span out the ORC.

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