Brilliance in Research Competition 2016

Title: The Ring of Power
Projection of modal interference in a cone of light from the angular excitation of a circular optical fibre.

The Optoelectronics Research Centre is pleased to announce the opening of our art and photography competition, “Brilliance 2016,” to celebrate the beauty and novelty of our research into light and its applications.

The objective is to show the beautiful, novel and sometimes whimsical side of the technological advances our research brings – see some of our winning examples from last year at

This year we hope to involve our members in judging for a special ‘People’s Choice’ award sponsored by the Optics and Photonics Society. All entrants to the Brilliance competition will be automatically entered unless they choose to opt out. The voting will take place through online ballots (details to follow) after all submissions have been received. There will be separate prizes for the winners in this category – good luck!

This is your chance to show some of really amazing images that result from your work, be it through modelling programmes, or hand produced visualisation of an anticipated effect or outcome, or a wonderful high resolution close-up image of a new fibre. The image could be at the microscopic level, such as work the metamaterials group does - or holely fibre - or biophotonics – high power lasers.... let you imaginations run!

Each entry should be submitted with:

• the name of the artist/photographer
• title and a description of what is being shown
• why it is 'brilliant' and its potential application in the ‘real world’
• If there is funding behind the work, please tell us from which organisation and details of the type of funding
• If the work is specific to a project, we’d like to hear a brief summary about that too
• If you have published a paper on the work shown, or are about to, please let me know – we wouldn’t like to break any embargos.

A word on format: Please supply your image in the highest resolution png or tif file as attachments (these file types do not compress the image and therefore lose image quality) – do not supply the image directly pasted into an email, word document or pdf – alternatively, save the image(s) to a file area and send me a link to it. If you are scanning your artwork for entry, please select the highest resolution on the scanner. Mark all entries for my attention: Deanna Standen.

Confirmation will be sent on receipt of each entry. Entries may be recieved electronically, by post or just drop them by directly.

All submissions for both the main competition and the People's Choice award must be received before 10am on Monday 16th May 2016.

Voting closes on Friday 20th May 2016.

Good luck!

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