ORC Seminar Series

Fibre and grating research at iPL University of Sydney: An overview of work in our group

Date : 4th October 2010

Time : 13:00

Venue : L/T B B46

Speaker : Professor John Canning

This presentation will review some of the work in our group, concentrating on fibres and regenerated gratings to reflect some of our perspectives and approaches. If time permits I will be mention some other activities away from these.


John Canning is currently Professor and runs the Interdisciplinary Photonics Laboratories within the School of Chemistry, University of Sydney Australia. He was previously a founding member of the Australian Photonics Cooperative Research Centre and the Optical Fibre Technology Centre where he pioneered complex fibre and waveguide grating writing, proposed the only predictive photosensitive models, invented the Fresnel fibre, established and led the team who fabricated the first structured optical fibres in Australia, was the first to recognise the importance of aperiodic and non-regular fibre structures over periodic fibre structures and more recently has established self-assembled photonics. He currently continues to work in materials, self-assembled photonics, laser interactions, fibre and integrated components including lasers, gratings and so on, and applications from telecommunications to sensing. As a result of his work, he was involved with founding two Redfern Companies with the Photonics CRC and later two others and has been a consultant for a number of others. He has published over 500 refereed journal and conference publications and more than 30 patents and has been Otto Monsted Guest Professor at the Danish Technical University and Villum Kann Rasmussen Guest Professor at iNANO, both in Denmark.

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