ORC Seminar Series

Sumitomo Electric Industries visitors

Date: 27 September

Time: 11am

Venue: B46 LT C


  • Masaaki Hirano presents: Higher-order dispersion controlled Silica-based highly nonlinear fibers
  • Tetsuya Nakanishi presents: Tough Ultra-Bend-Insensitive Fiber Having Compressive Residual Stress at Surface of Pure-Silica Cladding
  • Tetsuya Hayashi presents: Crosstalk Variation of Multi-Core Fibre due to Fibre Bend

Abstract: We present recent fibre research at Sumitomo Electrical Industries. The seminar is divided into three presentations, covering the following topics: Higher-order dispersion controlled silica-based highly nonlinear fibres by Masaaki Hirano, Tough ultra-bend-insensitive fibre having compressive residual stress at surface of pure-silica cladding by Tetsuya Nakanishi, and Crosstalk variation of multi-core fibre due to fibre bend by Tetsuya Hayashi. Part of this work was presented at ECOC 2010.

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