ORC Seminar Series

Pre Viva Talk

"Metamaterials: The Next Photonic Revolution"

 Speaker: Eric Plum

Date: 17/3/2010

Time: 2pm

Venue: B53 Seminar Room


Metamaterials are artificial media with unique electromagnetic properties engineered through structuring on the sub-wavelength scale. After a general introduction to the field of metamaterials, their potential will be illustrated using chirality-related phenomena.

It is well-known that intrinsically 3D-chiral materials (helices) show optical activity, i.e. rotation of the polarization state of light.

Recently it was discovered that also 2D-chiral patterns (flat spirals) lead to a fundamental electromagnetic effect: asymmetric transmission.

Key results presented here include (i) the first demonstration of a negative refractive index due to 3D chirality, (ii) the observation of giant optical activity in the first stereometamaterial, (iii) the first demonstration of optical activity in non-chiral metamaterials and (iv) the discovery of asymmetric transmission at non-chiral interfaces. The latter two findings are related to extrinsic chirality of the experimental arrangement, rather than intrinsic chirality of the material itself.


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