ORC Seminar Series

Pre Viva Talk

"Direct UV Written Planar Devices for Sensing and Telecommunication Applications"

Speaker: Chris Holmes

Date: 17 February 2010

Time: 2pm

Venue: B53 ORC Seminar Room


Direct UV Grating Writing is a method for defining buried waveguides and Bragg gratings in planar glass substrates. The technique requires a photosensitivity core layer, in which waveguides can be defined when exposed to UV radiation. A dual beam UV writing system allows the simultaneous definition of Bragg gratings and waveguide structures, in one simple step process. The structures that result have a wide range of potential applications, which including chemical and physical sensors and telecommunication components. Direct UV written components with potential sensing and telecommunication applications shall be explored. The reported devices have been fabricated in a silica-on-silicon platform and have exploited a combination of direct grating writing, wet etching, micromachining and sputtering processes.

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