Past seminars 2010




23 March 2011

Dr John Barr Selex Galileo

" Simplicity in engineering: easy to say; hard to do"

1 March 2011

Professor Andrei Seryi, John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science

"Accelerators - giant or compact - for science, industry and society - future directions"

23 February 2011

Bill O'Neill, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

"The Laser Materials Procedure Landscape- Basic Practice and Future Opportunities"

9 February 2011

Graham Leggett, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield

"Photolithographic Fabrication of Molecular Nanostructures"

19 January 2011

Hendrik Ulbricht, Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton

" Molecule interferometry"

9 December 2010

Alexander Heidt, Laser Research Institute, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

"Coherent and pulse preserving supercontinuum generation in all-normal dispersion fibers"

27 September

Speakers from Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd

"Higher-order dispersion controlled Silica-based highly nonlinear fibers", Tough Ultra-Bend-Insensitive Fiber Having Compressive Residual Stress at Surface of Pure-Silica Cladding" and "Crosstalk Variation of Multi-Core Fibre due to Fibre Bend"

30 September

Speakers from Furukawa

“R&D on micro-structured optical fibers in Furukawa Electric” and “Effective Space Division Multiplexing by Multi-Core Fibers”

4 October

John Canning

“Fibre and grating research at iPL University of Sydney: An overview of work in our group"

July 2010

Dr Tom Brown, University of St Andrews

"Light for Life - Laser Based techniques for the Biological and Medical Sciences."

July 2010

Dr Maria Cinta Pujol, FiCMA FiCNA, University of Rovira & Virgili

"Monoclinic double tungstates doped with rare earths for laser applications: crystal growth, physical anisotropy and laser characterization"

June 2010

Dr Thomas Südmeyer, ETH Zurich

"Ultrafast lasers oscillators in the thin disk geometry"

June 2010

Professor Peter Cochrane, Cochrane Associates Co-Founder, Chairman & Director, Business Angel & Consultant

"What do Machines Think?"

June 2010

Professor Steven Anlage, University of Maryland

“Superconducting Metamaterials”

May 2010

Professor Guenter Huber, Institute of Laser Physics, Hamburg University

“Diode pumped solid-state lasers"

March 2010

Professor Martin Wegener

“3D Direct-Laser-Writing Lithography for Nanophotonics and Biology "

March 2010

Professor Arno Rauschenbeutel, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

“Micro- and Nanofibre-based Optical Cavities”

February 2010

Professor Victor Moshchalkov, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

“Fano Resonances in Reduced-Symmetry Plasmonic Nanocavities”

February 2010

Chris Holmes, ORC

Pre Viva Talk: “Direct UV Written Planar Devices for Sensing and Telecommunication Applications”

February 2010

Natasha Vukovic, ORC

Pre Viva Talk: “Optical properties of long photonic crystal fibre tapers”

January 2010

Dr Stojan Radic, University of California San Diego

“Distributed Mixer Engineering with Molecular-Scale Accuracy”




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