ORC Seminar Series

"Three-dimensional metallic metamaterials: from simple to complex – coupling matters!"

Speaker: Harald Giessen, 4th Physics Institute, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Date: Tuesday 17th November

Time: 3.30pm

Venue: ORC Boardroom B46


Metallic metamaterials have shown a number of fascinating properties over the last few years. A negative refractive index, negative refraction, superlenses, and optical cloaking are some of the ambitious applications where metamaterials hold great promise.

We are going to present fabrication methods for the manufacturing of 3D metamaterials [1]. We are investigating their coupling properties and the resulting optical spectra. Hybridization of the electric [2] as well as the magnetic [3] resonances allows us to easily understand the complex optical properties. Lateral as well as vertical coupling can result in EIT-like phenomena [4, 5].

The connection between structural symmetry and their electric as well as magnetic dipole and higher-order multipole coupling will be elucidated. It turns out that stereometamaterials [6], where the spatial arrangement of the constituents is varied, reveal a highly complex rotational dispersion.

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[6] Na Liu, Hui Liu, Shining Zhu, and Harald Giessen: Stereometamaterials

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