ORC Seminar Series

"Nonlinear Metamaterials"

Speaker: Dr. David Powell, Nonlinear Physics Centre, Australian National University

Date: 26 August 2009

Time: 2pm

Venue: Mountbatten Seminar Room


Metamaterials are artificial structures with tailored electromagnetic properties, particularly exotic properties not found in the constituent parts. As well as this freedom to tailor their linear properties, they can be designed to exhibit novel nonlinear phenomena.

I will give an overview of nonlinear metamaterials, explaining both their interesting physics, as well as their potential to mitigate the problems of loss and bandwidth in existing metamaterials. This will include a review of the theoretical and experimental work conducted in this area at the Nonlinear Physics Centre at ANU.


Dr David Powell is a Research Fellow with the Nonlinear Physics Centre at the Australian National University, headed by Prof Yuri Kivshar.

Since 2006 he has been researching metamaterials, with particular emphasis on the design and experimental characterisation of nonlinear and tunable structures. He has also worked on disorder in metamaterials, active structures, epsilon-near-zero structures and photonic grating based couplers. Previous to his current position he undertook his PhD at RMIT University in the area of surface acoustic wave (SAW) based biosensors.

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