ORC Seminar Series

in partnership with the School of Electronics and Computer Science and the University of Southampton Strategic Research Group "Living with Environmental Change"

"The development of new technologies for environmental science."

Speaker: Prof. Alastair Lewis, National Centre for Atmospheric Science

Date:15 July 2009

Time: 1.30pm

Venue: 32/1015


At the heart of NERC's science strategy (published in November 2007) are plans to deliver the science needed to provide solutions to the global environmental challenges that the world is facing today and will face in the future. NERC has identified seven themes under which this science will be delivered, and has appointed theme leaders drawn from the academic community to develop action plans which will help meet those responsibilities. The NERC research themes are Climate system, Biodiversity, Sustainable use of natural resources, Earth system science, Natural hazards, Environment, pollution and human health, and Technologies. The last of these themes is central to enabling the other six, and a new programme of research is being commissioned across key technology areas including: Earth Observation and remote sensing, novel laboratory instrumentation, sensors and sensor networks, and informatics models and data. Engaging with new communities to help provide solutions to the toughest technological problems in environmental science is central to the technologies theme. This presentation will highlight some areas of scientific and technological need and discuss current and future opportunities for collaboration and funding.


Alastair Lewis is NERC theme leader for Technologies, a research Director of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (a NERC collaborative centre) and professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of York


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