Breaking the 100W barrier for 946nm Nd:YAG lasers

With continued improvement of our 946nm Nd:YAG Planar Waveguide Laser we have now broken through the 100W barrier for this laser transition, the results recently presented at the SPIE LASE – Solid State Lasers XIX conference, part of the Photonics West symposium in San Francisco (Jan 2010). Generating 105W of output for 209W of incident pump power, this is the most powerful and efficient 946nm Nd:YAG laser in the world. At its maximum output power it had a 50% optical to optical efficiency with a slope efficiency of 56% with respect to the incident pump power. This laser’s performance is nearly an order of magnitude better than any other system reported operating on this transition, demonstrating the unique advantages to be achieved with the planar waveguide laser architecture

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