Cryogenically cooled Fibre-Bulk Hybrid Lasers

This project will explore an alternative approach for scaling laser power and pulse energy based on the use of a hybrid laser scheme where a high-power cladding-pumped fibre laser is used to ‘in-band’ pump a cryogenically-cooled solid-state crystal laser. This approach combines the advantages of fibre and crystal lasers, and offers the outstanding prospects for improved performance in pulsed mode of operation with very high average powers unachievable via other laser architectures. The project will investigate thulium and holmium doped lasers operating in ~2µm wavelength regime. Lasers operating in this wavelength regime have applications in medicine and coherent laser radar, and are also attractive pump sources for nonlinear frequency conversion to longer wavelengths in the 3-5μm region which are needed for applications such as remote sensing. A number of different hybrid laser approaches will be considered. The main emphasis of this work will be to investigate the behaviour of these sources operating at high average powers. The final stage of the project is likely to involve using the 2μm source to pump an optical parametric oscillator designed to operate in the 3-5μm spectral region.

Student top-up offer!

This project has a studentship top up (equivalent to a CASE award) for the successful applicant provided by the company Gooch and Housego.

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