ORC Seminar Series

"Modelling of capillary high harmonic generation."

Speaker: Edward Rogers

Date: 3rd December 2008

Time: 2pm

Venue: Building 46 Lecture Theatre B


High harmonic generation (HHG) is now an accepted method for laboratory based generation of XUV and soft x-ray light. HHG produces pulses that are highly coherent, with a pulse length in the femtosecond or attosecond timescales. To predict the XUV output from an HHG experiment, both the emission from a single atom and the build-up of intensity over the interaction length must be accounted for. In addition, the propagation of the driving laser pulse in the gas-filled capillary has a significant effect on generation. To improve the understanding of these processes, this talk presents a spatio-temporal phasematching model for capillary HHG, and a modal-based model of laser propagation in an ionising gas.

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