ORC Seminar Series

“Introduction to TI DLP® Products and overview of emerging markets and trends”


Eric Braddom
Texas Instruments

Date: Wednesday 30 April
Time: 1.20pm
Venue: Lecture theatre B, B46


Texas Instruments’ DLP® platform is the leading technology solution for display modulation. Based on millions of tilting micro-mirrors they provide a route to high resolution projection for cinemas, commercial projection and home cinema. In this talk, Eric Braddom, business manager for DLP® Catalog Products will provide an overview the technology, applications and markets of DLP® products. As well as reviewing the projection opportunities, the talk will look at non-display applications of the DLP® chip, including scientific applications such as hyperspectroscopy, and application in Optical Networking, Maskless Lithography and several emerging medical applications. Eric will be available after the seminar to discuss specific applications with interested researchers.


Eric Braddom, business manager for DLP® Catalog Products, is responsible for a new business inside of DLP® Products that is focused on non-traditional display applications and non-display applications of the DLP® chip.  Some examples of target markets include Optical Networking, Maskless Lithography, Hyper Spectroscopy, and several emerging medical applications.  Previously, Eric was the Director of the DLP® Asia business and prior to that, he managed the DSP Video and Imaging business at Texas Instruments.  Braddom earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of St. Louis, a Bachelor of Art degree with a concentration in philosophy from Depauw University, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin.

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