ORC Seminar Series

The next big thing?


Prof. Anatoly Grudinin
CEO Fianium Ltd

Date: 2 April 2008
Time: 2pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre B, room 2003, Building 46


Fiber lasers are now becoming a commodity of modern life, finding there place in diverse applications ranging from the automotive industry to homeland security and the application areas keep expanding. High end of fiber lasers Ė femtosecond and picosecond systems combine reliability and simplicity of fiber sources with performance of overpriced and underachieved solid state lasers and thus can dramatically change the whole picture of laser industry in the coming years.

In this talk we review latest developments and applications of ultrafast fiber lasers including supercontinuum lasers, high energy /peak power systems and frequency converted fiber lasers. We will also discuss financial implications of cost effective alternatives to DPSS and how the scientific community can benefit from low cost and versatile systems.


Anatoly Grudinin started his work in the area of fiber optics in 1980 when he joined Physical Lebedevís Institute Russian Academy of Science (FIAN) after graduation from Moscow State Technical University. He was one of first researchers who studied nonlinear properties of silica fibers and pioneered discovery of Raman solitons in single mode optical fibers.

In 1992 Anatoly joined the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton where his main areas of interest were soliton fiber lasers, high power fiber laser and amplifiers. Over his scientific carrier Anatoly published over 200 papers and gave numerous invited talks at major international conferences (CLEO, OFC, ECOC, Photonics West).

In 2003 Anatoly left his professorís chair at the ORC and founded Fianium, a fiber laser company focused on the development and volume manufacturing of ultrafast fiber lasers for bio-medical and industrial applications.


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