ORC Seminar Series

Open problems in display technology


Dr Allan Evans
Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd, Edmund Halley Road, Oxford Science Park

Date: Wednesday 6 February 2008
Venue: Building 46, Room 2003 (Lecture Theatre B)
Time: 2pm


Display technology is one of the fastest moving fields of applied optics, with new technologies being proposed every year and the market for large flat-panel displays booming. We will review recent developments in the basic science and in the commercial technology, both for large and small displays. The latest displays are visually excellent, and this means that competition on such factors as viewing freedom and contrast has ceased, or will soon cease, at least at the top end of the market. Competition will increasingly focus on other factors. We end with a list of research challenges that are important for the display industry.


After a PhD in statistical physics at the Cavendish Laboratory, Allan Evans went on to De Montfort University, where he worked on a variety of topics in mathematical modelling, including the trajectory of victims of traffic accidents, genetic algorithms, sonoluminescence and holography. Working with Nick Philips in the Centre for Modern Optics at DMU, he became involved in contract work in applied optics, including organic lasers and digital holography for industrial process control. In 2003 he moved to Sharp Laboratories of Europe in Oxford. He manages a group of researchers working on new technologies for television, including self-assembly of optical elements, new display technologies and image processing.

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