ORC Seminar Series

"Surface plasmon photonics: microscopes and interferometers in 2D"


Professor Joachim Krenn
Director of the Institute of Nanostructured Materials and Photonics
University of Graz, Austria

Date: Wednesday 12 December 
Building 2/Room 1039 (LT/K)
Time: 2pm


Polaritonic modes at the interface of a metal and a dielectric surface plasmons feature specific properties as surface wave character, field enhancement and femtosecond lifetimes, making them particularly appealing for both fundamental research and photonic applications. In this context I will review recent progress in the development of plasmonic functionality, enabling quasi-two-dimensional microscopes or interfermeters.


Joachim Krenn received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Graz, Austria in 1996, spent a postdoctoral year in 1998 in Dijon, France and was appointed Associate Professor in Graz in 2002. Since 2007 and in parallel to his university position, Joachim Krenn is the head of the Joanneum Research Institute for Nanostructured Materials and Photonics in Weiz, Austria, with 25 staff members. His research interests encompass the optics of nanoscopic systems, plasmonic effects of metal nanostructures, molecules in nanoscale environments and organic opto-electronics. Joachim Krenn is author or co-author of more than 100 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, editorial board member of the Springer journals Applied Physics A and Plasmonics and was chairman of the international conference Surface Plasmon Photonics 2 in 2005.

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