ORC Seminar Series

"Advancing Photonics: Slow Light, Functional Colour and Quantum Dot Lasing"


Professor Ortwin Hess
Theory and Advanced Computation Group
Advanced Technology Institute and Department of Physics
University of Surrey, UK

Date: Thursday 1 November 2007
Time: 11am
Venue: Lecture Theatre B, Building 46


Today’s progress in the optical sciences and nano-technologies opens up the realization of novel photonic materials and optoelectronic devices with designed characteristics and functionalities: Photonic opals bring about new concepts of colour, photonic metamaterials seem to turn well known optical laws upside-down and semiconductor quantum dots become customized coherent photon sources and gain-material for new lasers. The talk shows how photonic metamaterials may be used to realize “Slow Light” and discusses the role of photonic opals for the realization of functional colour. Based on the particular properties of quantum dot nanomaterials new results on the spatio-temporal dynamics of quantum dot lasers and amplifiers will be highlighted.


Vist www.ph.surrey.ac.uk/profiles for Professor Hess' biography.

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