ORC Seminar Series

Pre-viva talk

"UV Direct-Write Structures in Lithium Niobate"


Iain Wellington

Date: Wednesday 24 October
Time: 2pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre C, Building 46


This talk presents results from the fabrication of UV direct-write structures in lithium niobate. Unassisted direct writing of surface channel waveguides using λ = 244 nm cw light resulted in polarisation specific waveguides fabricated on z - cut crystals. Waveguides were characterised using mode profiles, propagation losses and refractive index measurements. Surface domain reversal was observed in congruent lithium niobate on both +z and z faces. Extending this technique using pulsed λ = 266 nm light, aligned surface ferroelectric domain reversal was also observed via illumination of a single pulse through a phasemask on +z face congruent lithium niobate.

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