ORC Seminar Series

"Advances in active fibers for high power fiber sources"

Speaker: Dr Jayanta Sahu

Date: Wednesday 22 August
Venue: Lecture Theatre B, Building 46
Time: 2pm


Over the past years, the fiber lasers and amplifiers have progressed from the low-power systems for telecommunication applications to multi kW level sources suitable for industrial applications. Advances in fiber technology and availability of reliable high-power multimode diode pump sources, and the inherent power scalability of cladding-pumped technology, have led to the demonstration of output power beyond 2 kW in CW with diffraction limited beam quality from a ytterbium doped fiber laser operating at 1.1 μm.

This talk will review recent dramatic advances in high-power and high-brightness fiber based sources in the near infrared region between 0.9 - 2 μm, highlighting the advances in the active fibers seen to date and those that will be required in the future.

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